3D Art and Advertising: Understanding the Connection

When selling a product, the goal is for the consumer to interact with the ad and, in turn, your company. In this hyper-digital age, flyers just don’t cut it anymore. And soon, 2-dimensional digital advertising won’t either.

For years, companies have recognized the power that artist input has on their marketing ventures. As art turned digital, so did advertising. And as art expands into 3 dimensions, the way we approach advertising is set to follow suit.

Read on to discover how 3D art is transforming today’s advertising landscape to put interactivity and realism at the center of each marketing campaign.

Explore From All Angles

It isn’t always necessary to show all sides of your product in a digital marketing spread. But a 360-degree view is incredibly useful when your product is meant to be displayed in the customer’s home.

Content building platforms like Womp 3D allow brands to build 3D digital art to display their products in a way that almost guarantees customer interaction. Things such as home decor and furniture are going to be viewed from all angles. If your customer is shopping online, 3D renderings of the product give them a full understanding of how that product will fit into their home.

Interact From Home 

With 1/4 Americans shopping online at least once a month, marketing agencies have had to get clever. Tempting your customer is much harder online than it is in person because skipping the ad or closing the window and abandoning their cart is a simple click away.

If you want to generate business, your customers must want to engage with your content as soon as they see it. Holding their attention with a 3D model increases their chances of purchasing the product.

Immersive advertising offers your customer the following options:

  • Full-screen display for easier interaction and viewing
  • Zoom functionality and detailed 3D models for comprehensive viewing
  • Scrolling functionality to spin and rotate the model and view it from different angles

Immerse the Customer In Your World 

Film marketing takes a slightly different approach when introducing 3D technology. Instead of bringing the product into the customer’s hands, film 3D marketing brings the customer into the world of the film or series.

For example, the fantasy series The Wheel Of Time used a terrifyingly realistic anamorphic display to generate public interest in the show. Anamorphic art uses forced perspective to make a flat image appear 3D. Stunning and versatile, giant anamorphic advertisements engage viewers visually in a way that still and flat advertisements cannot.

3D Art Is Revolutionizing Digital Marketing  

3D advertising is a marketing movement that puts experiences and storytelling at its center. By utilizing 3D art, advertising agencies are creating advertisements that engage the customer at a level never seen before. However, 3D technology is changing the whole game for marketers in today’s time. Whenever you speak about excellence certain professionals and individuals attain in the respective industries, it tends to the 3D art and digital marketing.

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