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The idea of feeling completely comfortable all day while looking stylish at the same time has been around since the first lines of quality sports garments hit the racks. While the whole concept of sporty elegance has been a target of numerous critics and discussion, today all the discussion ends. Thanks to the athleisure trend, a man can look good and feel good any day. Although we’ll always need tailored suits, denims, and button-downs, our wardrobes are getting increasingly infiltrated by sports luxe and athleisure pieces.

Concept defined

Although the word ‘athleisure’ has been around for some time now, some people are still unaware of its meaning. While for some it’s wearing gym clothes for lunch, the truth definitely bears more sophistication. Athleisure is a way of styling sportswear with ready-to-wear – a perfect combination for a modern man whose lifestyle puts him on the go most part of the day while demanding a certain level of style. In other words, athleisure is a fusion of practicality and functionality within a world of fashion. Keywords: high-performance fabrics, athletic details, sneakers, chinos, T-shirt, coats.

When and where

Since its introduction, athleisure has become an increasingly popular trend, with the list of accepted occasions growing. It goes without saying that athleisure is best worn on the weekends – going to lunch, grabbing a few drinks, cheering your colours, or even on a casual date. Of course, since sportswear is always primarily associated with exercising, make sure the pieces you wear are clean, neat and well-presented to avoid that just-out-of-the-gym look. However, when the weekend is over, it’s best to fold the sportswear away. Despite its huge popularity, athleisure works only for relaxed occasions and doesn’t feel at home in formal and business environments.

The key pieces

While a pair of classic sports shoes are widely recognized as an essential athleisure accessory, there are many other pieces that can make your weekend wardrobe more comfortable. Bomber or coach jackets, casual trousers with elastane, crew-neck sweats and hoodies, polo shirts, and sports-inspired day-bags. When it comes to details, ready-to-wear pieces such as sleeveless workout tops convey the understated sense of smart, while thoroughbred lines of men’s Adidas sportswear build on performance fabrics, rubberized zip cords, bolder colours and other features and trims that put them unmistakably in the athletic category.


Bomber jackets or windbreakers worn by coaches at the sidelines are a fail-safe way to give your outfit a more active feel. When it comes t different styles, there are many options to choose from. Those who want to fully embrace the athletic side of the trends will lean to performance fabrics such as neoprene and bonded jersey, while those who appreciate the more traditional look can experiment with new collections of suede bomber jackets.

Casual trousers

Casual trousers

Jeans are simply too ready-to-wear and suit pans irrevocably formal, but casual trousers are perfect for creating an elegant sports luxe look. Here you have two options: casual chinos that are more on the street wear side and more sports-influenced jogger pants. While both work perfectly with a pair of sneakers, each style commands a different outfit. In order to compensate for their string athletic vibe, joggers should be worn with more ready-to-wear pieces, while chinos look better with sportier pieces like nylon jackets and outerwear.

Crew neck jumpers and sweats

A wardrobe staple of athletes and sports enthusiast alike, crew-neck jumpers have easily slid into the athleisure movement. With their close-fitting round neckline, crew-necks are both comfortable and practical. They pair greatly with both jogger pants and chinos, as well as a pair of classic sports shoes for a subtle and stylish effect. On top of it, crew neck sweaters are a great choice when you need to carry a backpack or a duffle bag, while a baseball cap takes your style a step further.

The key to pulling of sportswear look day after day is to mix sports pieces with items from your casual weekend wardrobe. If the occasion permits, replace a blazer with a bomber jacket and make sneakers your footwear of choice. Instead of suit pants and jeans, opt for more active styles such as chinos and joggers.

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