Tips for Bathroom Makeovers


Bathroom makeovers in Melbourne can be expensive and it is something one does not do very often. As per the Housing Industry Association (HIA), there were approximately 233,188 bathroom renovations jobs in 2018/2019 and 71% of these renovations were for houses less than 20 years old. Hence, it is important to get the design correct from the very start and not to rush the process. Do not forget to include waterproof material and make use of new technology as available.

Here are some tips for those seeking small bathroom renovations in Melbourne

• Spend time on designing: Design the layout of a bathroom first. It is likely that the existing plumbing is consistent with the new design in which case lesser demolition and reconstruction is necessary. Whatever the case may be, it is essential to get the design right the first time around since changing at a later date when construction work has already begun can cause a lot of rework issues. You can take some ideas of high quality bathroom renovations on the Gold Coast.

• Book an electrician visit prior to starting renovations: Finalizing the design prior to consulting an electrician may not work out very well. The wiring of light fixtures and electric systems for the shower or pump is not likely to be immediately obvious and will require the expertise of an electrician in Perth. They can provide advice on the design you propose and confirm if it is feasible in terms of getting electricity to where it is needed.

• Mirrors can make a bathroom look bigger: Mirrors can have made a big difference in how the bathroom looks, especially if it is a small one. Placing a frame less big mirror that covers an entire wall is very effective and will make the bathroom feel more spacious and lighter.

• Ventilate it the right manner: A bathroom tends to get damp and steamy at times since the level of moisture is very high. The design of any a bathroom should ensure that there is adequate ventilation. The ventilation can be in the form of strategically placed windows or fans. At times, it is essential to place an exhaust fan to maintain proper ventilation which also has to be considered in the overall design.

• Losing focus on renovation design: It often happens that we start a renovation project with full steam paying attention to every minute detail and lose focus midway. Thus, by the time the project reaches the end; all one can think about is when it will be all over. Losing patience towards the end of the project in this manner may mean you end up with something than what the initial plan was.

• Hire the right people: Some people are equipped with the right set of tools for plumbing, vehicle repair, and electronic repair. However, practicing DIY methods when renovating a bathroom is not the same thing. It will mean saving money, however, but it should not be attempted unless you’re a skilled trades person. Hiring a licensed professional will cost more, but they have the ability to get the job done in a professional manner to prevent any future disasters.

Splurging on fancy tiles, fancy taps or spending too much time designing the light fixtures will result in an escalation of the costs. Hence, unless on a high budget it is best to focus on making the best use of the space available and saving some space to make a storage area. Design the bathroom in order to make it as functional as possible. This is possible by using a multi-purpose design.

It is a good idea to handpick all the accessories and have a discussion about the cost of bathroom makeovers in Melbourne prior to starting a project.

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