The Importance of having a kitchen that grows with your family

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By Lucia Adams

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s vital to everyday living and most would argue one of the most important rooms in your home. So, when it comes to choosing what you want in your kitchen there are a huge number of things that you should take into consideration in terms of the choices you make. Unlike other rooms in your home where choosing the wrong colour is an easy fix, kitchens are expensive to redo, so it is important that you are happy with the decisions you make.

Whether you are just starting out a life as a couple, have a young family, or have just recently downsized it is important to make sure that the kitchen you choose will grow with your family, whatever direction it takes. A good company who deal with kitchens, Cheshire will have lots of helpful suggestions to really make sure that your new kitchen grows with, and works for, your family.

Your first home

As a young couple moving into your own home, it’s understandable that when redesigning the kitchen, you might not think too far into the future and the type of kitchen that you plan is something modern with plenty of sleek lines and colours. While sleek white fronts to your units and a breakfast bar might seem the way forward, if there is a possibility that your future will contain children, then it is worth rethinking your choices.

As any parent will tell you white cabinets are a parent’s worst nightmare from the moment your child starts exploring. Constantly cleaning the fronts of your cabinets of sticky fingerprints and “artwork” is a thankless task that you could find yourself spending far too much time on. Likewise, the breakfast bar, which works so well for a couple, is just not practical once you have a young child who has started weaning. Family meal times are really important for young children as it can really help to get them into a good routine with food.

Don’t ditch all your dreams

If you have a large kitchen, then careful planning will mean that your kitchen will grow with your family and can easily adapt to whatever your family throw at it. A breakfast bar can easily be added to your kitchen, but it is also important to leave space where you can have a table for family meals, even if this is just a small table most suited to breakfast or cosy family meals.

You will find that as your children grow, a breakfast bar may become their preferred spot for the more traditional family table. So, it won’t be a waste of money or time having one put into your kitchen if it features in your dreams. It’s a great place for a teenager to sit and grab a bowl of cereal before they run for the school bus, or maybe even hang out and chat with you while you prepare meals.


Children won’t always be putting grubby handprints on your units so If you absolutely have your heart set on a classic white and black colour scheme then go for it. Just remember that there will be a period covering several years when you will either have to accept grubby marks or you will need a good supply of cleaning products in order to keep up appearances.

When they fly the nest

Finally, when your children fly the nest, you might think you need less space in your kitchen. However, children have a habit of popping in, and they may eventually be bringing their children,  so having the extra table space will still come in handy whatever period of family life you find yourself in.

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