The Best Video Streaming Sites to Spend Your Downtime On

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Looking for something to do during this pandemic to spend your downtime? If you’re looking for ways to pass the time, try out some video streaming sites.

There are plenty of streaming sites other than Youtube and Netflix.

Read on to learn some of the best video streaming sites and what they offer.


YouTube is the most popular video streaming site, with over billions of active users. Every minute, there is at least 300 hours worth of video media uploaded to Youtube. Their videos vary from gaming playthroughs to simple tutorials.

You won’t have to pay for any subscription to watch and upload on YouTube. Unless you want an ad-free version, you can pay for YouTube Premium. Not only can you watch videos from YouTube, but you can also upload your own.

You can earn money as long as your videos get monetized. Using YouTube for streaming is cheap and easy. You can categorize the videos you want to see by subscribing, making playlists, or searching for tags.

YouTube also has YouTube TV, where you can watch series, movies, sports, and news. There are some downsides to YouTube, like constant ads and copyright infringement issues. However, it’s still a great place to watch videos for free, share videos with others, and make some money.

If you don’t have YouTube, you can check out this YouTube alternative.


Dailymotion uses a similar layout to YouTube, which makes it easier to get used to. This platform is the second-largest video streaming site with about 300 million users.

Dailymotion has their own copyright rules, but they aren’t as strict as the rules on Youtube. This makes the platform have a higher tolerance for content.

The player technology of Dailymotion delivers content in a flawless streaming experience. This platform supports 4K/2160p with high frame rates up to 60fps. It also offers different types of content ingestion methods for developers.

Dailymotion allows users and developers to customize the interface like the color scheme. You can choose from their four themes: news, sports, entertainment, and music.


Netflix remains to be the leading site when it comes to traffic share. This platform accounts for 14.9% of worldwide application traffic share. You can choose from their collection of content with a subscription paid per month.

The prices for the Netflix subscription is as follows:

  • $8.99/month for a single device
  • $12.99/month for two devices and HD content
  • $15.99/month for four devices and 4K content

They also have a growing library of original content. Some shows include Stranger Things, The Witcher, and The Umbrella Academy. Netflix offers the highest-quality when watching movies beating the video qualities of Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime Video.


Vimeo is a free video-sharing website launched in November 2004. Aside from video hosting, Vimeo provides software for content creators. You can use plenty of video editing features and tools to review the video.

This platform boasts about its attractive interface with 4K quality videos. Vimeo differs from YouTube with its subscription-based membership plan. They have four types of membership: Plus, Pro, Business, and Premium.

Vimeo lets you watch different genres like short movies, portfolios, and skits. You can watch everything in full HD with a widescreen format. It’s an ideal place to watch HD videos with its wide array of video codec support.

Note that Vimeo doesn’t earn revenue through ads. So, once you subscribe, you won’t have to worry about the flood of ads while watching a video.


Hulu offers the best all-in-one options with a diverse set of streaming features for cord-cutters. This platform is the first website to provide a wide range of TV shows legally. It has an extensive library of classic shows and a few movies.

You can also choose the TV option where you can choose from more than 60 channels. Unlike other video streaming sites, Hulu lacks 4K quality content. However, they do have original shows plus current and old TV shows on the platform.


DTube is another site that has a similar interface to YouTube. This platform encourages creators to produce excellent video content. It has a reward system involving cryptocurrency given to not only creators but also users.

DTube uses a form of STEEM cryptocurrency. They pay you based on the popularity of videos and the number of upvotes. Note that you can only earn in the first seven days after you upload the video.

You also have better privacy with DTube because of its blockchain storage. It’s resistant to censorship, and users can choose to censor a video through upvotes and downvotes.

Like Vimeo, DTube doesn’t have any ads. This platform doesn’t have any visible algorithm, which makes DTube a fairground for creators.

Amazon Video Prime

Amazon Video Prime provides plenty of prestige content for streaming. You can choose to access its video content by:

  • Standalone Amazon Video Prime subscription
  • Amazon Prime subscription

An Amazon Video subscription costs $8.99 per month. An Amazon Prime account costs $12.99 per month, which can give you video content plus shipping and shopping perks. In Amazon Video Prime, you can stream videos with 4K and HDR quality.

This platform also supports offline downloads, audio descriptions, and multiple viewer profiles. You can also rent or buy movies and TV shows.


Metacafe rocketed to popularity with how they made their page view money earning system. This platform is a video hosting service for those who prefer short video formats. You can find plenty of entertainment such as TV, music, gaming, sports, and music.

Metacafe hosts plenty of videos with a limit of 8 minutes and below. You can find funny videos and quick instruction videos.

The best feature Metacafe offers is that there are no duplicate videos. Metacafe doesn’t need a subscription or plan, which makes it free-to-use.

Best Video Streaming Sites

Relax and watch some shows and movies to pass your time. We hope you enjoyed reading out our article about video streaming sites!

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