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The technology is making everything so much easier for us that relying on the technology for different activities now feel like normal. Especially different gadgets which are helping us in making every routine work easier and faster. Apart from making our lives easier, this technological gadgets and devices are making our lives secure too. Now we have the CCTV cameras and high tech security systems which not only secure our valuable belongings but our lives too. Moreover, we also have some security devices now which is helping us in keeping our kids safe in today’s world.

There are many companies which are invested heavily in the gadgets which can not only save the lives of our kids but can get them back to us when lost. These gadgets are in used by many parents and have been the reason why many kids are alive or in their homes. That is why it is important to spread the news about these devices benefits, and just for the sake of an effort, I am writing this article with the same motive.

I am going to tell you about those tech gadgets that can keep your kids safe.

The V.ALRT is a wearable tech gadget that keeps the movement of your kid tracked. It also helps you in sending out the urgent calls, texts and location information to at least three trusted contacts so they can help you in finding your kid if he or she get lost somewhere. To use it, parents only have to buy this device and download an app on their smartphone to stay connected to the device worn by their kid.

LG Kizon:
The LG Kizon is not a watch which many kids would try not to wear when their parents are not around. It is a colorful band that is available in different colors and sizes which allow the parents to keep a keen eye on their kids. This wristband has the ability to contact ten numbers of trusted people and can provide instant communication between the parents and the kids. Even if the communication system fails, the LG Kizon show the last recorded location of the kid and have the battery life of more than a day.

The Zubie is the best device which sends their kids to school or other places with the driver. Because kids cannot tell the driver to drive safe or take the shortest route instead of roaming around the city without any purpose. With the Zubie, you can keep a keen eye on your kid, driver and your car. The Zubie get connects with your car and provide you with the information regarding your car’s speed, location and any engine related problem directly to an app installed in your smartphone.

The Filip is also an inspector gadget like watch iPad which can save the contacts and can track and locate the wearer. The best thing about this gadget is that the parents can set up a geo-fenced safe zone. This is a pre-programmed area from which if your kid goes outside of it, the parents will get the instant alert on it.

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