Unique Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Self Storage Unit

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Storage units are an excellent way to downsize, deal with moving to a new city, store belongings during a semester away or keep items your business does not need all the time. When you have rented a self storage unit, it is good for you to maximize its usefulness. Here are five ways that you can get even more out of your self-storage unit:

1. Pick The Most Convenient Facility

When you are choosing a self-storage facility, make sure that you are not just thinking about price. Yes, you can try to save a few dollars on the monthly cost. But is it worth that saving to pick a facility that is a 45-minute drive from where you live?

Prioritize convenience and go with a facility that you can easily access. For example, if you live in Liverpool, find time to browse for Liverpool storage facilities that are nearest to your home. It will save you so much time in each instance that you need to add or remove something from your unit.

2. Store Items Cleverly

Many people end up renting a unit that is a size too big for their needs, because they are not packing in a very effective way. Make sure that you are putting your items into boxes that you can close up and stack on top of each other. Also try to stack boxes so that you are placing items you will need the most in an accessible spot.

And do not be afraid to stack up boxes high. So long as you have the heavier boxes on the bottom, you will be fine. It is better to have higher piles, as you are able to rent a smaller storage unit and still get all your items fitted into it!

3. Check For Extra Amenities

When you are choosing among the many facilities that provide storage units long island, ensure that you are considering the extra features they provide. For instance, many facilities will have guarded or security-camera protected areas where the storage units are located. Such a feature ensures that your items are safe.

Climate control is another feature that you can get if you pay a little bit extra for self storage. When you have furniture or other valuables that may get damaged from extreme heat, cold or moisture, keeping them in a temperature controlled unit will help preserve those possessions.

4. Consider Truck Prices

If you are planning frequent trips to and from your storage unit to load/unload items, keep the price of rental trucks in mind. It is often common that companies will push through an increase in the price of rental trucks when the demand goes up. Common times for the rates to go up would include the weeks when students arrive or leave school if there is a major college near where you live, or even the holiday season.

5. Sharing a Unit

If you are not sure that you have enough items to justify an entire storage unit, you may want to think about sharing one with a friend or family member. So long as you trust each other, there is no reason why you cannot both store items in the unit and access it when you need to get something.

By following these tips, you can make sure that you are maximizing the utility that you get from your monthly investment in a self storage unit.

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