How to Swaddle a Baby: The Easiest Guide You’ll Ever Read

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Are you an expectant parent or just welcoming your little bundle of joy into the world?

With an average of 250 babies born every minute, we all need a little help learning how to handle these tiny miracles. Swaddling is an amazing technique that will leave you with a happier baby, but it’s not always an easy task.

We’re here to help you become an expert Swaddler! Read on for an easy guide on how to swaddle a baby.

Why Swaddle Your Baby?

You may be wondering what the big deal is when it comes to swaddling. The science behind it relates back to how babies felt in the womb. The warm and cozy feeling your newborn will feel from swaddling will remind them of the comfort of the womb.

It also puts that pesky startle reflex to rest. This startle reflex will have your baby waking up from their sleep in a complete meltdown.

Overall, swaddling is a great way to calm a fussy baby. There’s really no limit on how long to swaddle a baby per day. Be sure that they are getting adequate playtime to build their physical and cognitive function. Also, remember to take safe sleep recommendations into consideration.

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How to Swaddle a Baby 101

There are many different techniques when it comes to swaddling. Each baby will have their own preferences so be sure to give each way a try.

Some babies prefer to have their arms outside of the swaddle while others don’t. Even in the hospital, you may notice that every nurse has their own way of swaddling.

To reduce the risk of harm to your infant, you’ll need to make sure you learn how to properly swaddle a baby.

Step One: Blanket Position

Begin by placing your swaddle blanket down on a safe surface for your bouncy baby. Orient the blanket into a diamond shape. You’ll do this by placing the blanket down with the corners pointing left, right, up, and down.

Fold the top corner down so that it points at the center of the blanket. Place your baby on the blanket so that their neck rests just at the top of the blanket.

Step Two: Right Arm

Hold the right arm against their side and grab the blanket a few inches from the right shoulder. Pull the blanket snug across and down the body. Tuck the blanket under the left butt cheek.

Remove any slack by grabbing the blanket at the left shoulder and pulling outward.

Step Three: Bottom

Make sure the left arm is snug against the body. Bring the bottom of the blanket up to the left shoulder and wrap it around the arm.

Step Four: Left Arm

Grab the blanket a few inches from the left shoulder and pull it down to the upper chest. Hold it there as if you were about to tie a ribbon.

Step Five: Final Tuck

Grab the loose blanket and pull snug while still holding at the chest. Tuck the remaining loose blanket under the baby as if forming a belt.

Happy Baby, Happy You

Swaddling is a proven way to calm your baby. Now that you know how to swaddle a baby step by step, you are on your way to a happy baby and a happy you!

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