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One of the significant aspects of teaching is establishing a strong relationship between teacher and students. The honest and good relationship is very important for child future success. If you also want to maintain the good relationship with your students you need to follow some educational tactics that contribute to establishing the relationship between teacher and students. Also, keep in mind that not every strategy will suitable for every student, but there is a need to maintain strong bonding between students through giving the feeling of love, sincere atmosphere. According to the Simon, there is a responsibility of a teacher to effectively collaborate with the students and provide the better learning experience for them.

It is included in the responsibility of the teacher to try to find different ways through which you can actively engage with them as well as try to learn their behavior, what they like, in which activity they enjoy most and so on. According to the Valenzuela, teachers should create a sincerity and take interest in all students.

If teachers adopt the advice of Valenzuela then it means they need to learn more about students rather than teaching books. Also, the teaching method can also need to modify and design as per students need and its interest. Also while creating a curriculum keep in mind what students like and what they want to learn more. If you do not find out they will lose interest and you do not successfully engage students during lectures. Adopt different teaching techniques to provide unique learning experiences. According to Noddings, if curriculum and lectures are the mixtures of emotional intelligence and socially engaging activities to establish the strong relationship between teacher and students.

To develop a successful relationship between students, teachers should design such strategy through which all students engage and take part in classroom activities and learning. Also, give more importance to such students who are shy and quiet. Teacher motivates such students in the class and takes their feedback so that they feel the important person in the class. This way teachers made a successful relationship between students.

Also need to remember, that teachers should not adopt abuse language in the classroom this will ruin the good relationship between students and teacher. The key element for the successful relation there is an element of respect between teacher and students. There is a difference between students respect you with the bottom of heart or just respecting you because you authorized at the higher level. Your generous and humble behavior toward your students is also a key to establish a successful relationship with students.

It is also said that it is important to understand that students should treat teacher as a person with whom you can talk and share your feelings. According to Noddings creating a proper relationship between teacher and students by caring. Both teacher and students have a shared responsibility, integrity and sincerity. Teachers have different perceptions regarding kind of relationships with different students. Hence, these teachers perception regarding students is very significant for assessing student’s connection with their teachers.

There are various benefits of executing a successful relationship between teacher and students. According to the report, successful relationship between teacher and students can lead students to get success academically. When students treat as a person who helps Do My Assignment them when they academically not stable students start to build the strong and long-lasting relationship with the teacher. Another advantage is a teacher can help students to solve their behavioral problems it is possible when they have a good understanding. With the positive attitude, a teacher can change the attitude toward willingness of doing different classroom task. Most importantly when the successful relationship between teacher and students then the teacher will help them to grow academically, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

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