How to make the color tan

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Tan, it is a lively color in acrylic painting, it is often used to create color for a lot of things around us such as skin tones, ground, hair, wood, trees, chocolates… But do you know how to make the color tan, below are the steps to make it.

Mixing tan color is an absolutely easy process in acrylic paint, even beginner can do it without problems. Although there are many ways to create tan color, however, this method is the most suitable for beginners since it is easy to make, ingredients are easy to find. Furthermore, it allows a lot of customization depending on your imagination in your mixing.

1. What you need.

    • Red, yellow, blue and white acrylic paint.
    • A palette.
    • A knife.
    • A paintbrush.
    • A clear paper to test your mixing.
    • Something to clean the knife after mixing each color.
    • Water to clean the brush.

2. Steps

  • The first step is to set up the palette.

Put each of the acrylic color (red, yellow, blue, white) in the same amount and the same shape if possible. There should a wide space between every dollops of colors.

  • Second step.

Mix all the primary colors with their same portion all together and you will get a complicated mixture.

Combine the yellow red color with blue color together. Use your knife to mix them together for a while. It will change from three different colors into some kind of muddy mixture until it is brown. There is going to be a lot of results but the differences are not much if you are using other primary color that I use.

  • Third step.

This is one of my favorite things to do. After your mixture turned brown, just add a little bit of white color into the mixture.

This could be just a smaller amount than the amount of primary colors you use to create brown. Make sure that your mixture will not get too much lighter, the white color will make it a little bit brighter so that the result would be much more perfect.

  • Final step.

So now you have a very basic, beautiful tan color that you want to create. The final step is to test it and see if it is good to go. Take a paper, use your paint brush to take the mixture out and write on the paper. Let’s check if it meets your demand, if it is not good enough, I have some way to change the color a little bit.

3. Make your own tan color.

  • Lighter tan

Light tan color is perfect for highlights painting, light hair or maybe a cup of coffee. To make a lighter ten, just add some more white until it is light enough as you wish. A touch of red or yellow will make your tan warmer and blue will make it look cooler.

  • Warmer tan

This looks perfect on bricks, wood, and tree. All you need to do is to add red or yellow till it is good, if it is overused, add some blue to cool it down.

  • Cooler tan

It works on dark hair or fur, wood. As I said before, add some blue until it is as cool as you want.

  • Darker tan

It is usually used to create hair, dark wood or twilight picture. By using black you can make a darker tan color but the result can be a little bit too muddy so make sure you measure the right amount.

So here are the steps to make a color tan, it is absolutely easy for you to make and it is not expensive. If you want your painting is more vital, try to use this color.

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