How to Stay Warm With the Bed Warmer?

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By Humayun Kabir

One of the greatest news is that it is very easy to warm up your bed than to cool it. Body is a place that creates a lot of heat and while this is one of the major problems in summer, it is one of the best solution in the winters. Climbing between the icy sheets can be very shivering and for this you can cling on to the bed warmer. However, you must know that it always takes time to warm up your bed in a way so you must take help of the Bed warmers in this case.

What is the ideal temperature of the bedroom?

The lower temperature is the thing that signals to the body clock and if it’s night or time for sleep, this temperature will work. Heating up your bedroom can have a negative effect on the quality of the sleep. As per the sleep experts, the bedroom temperature should be between 60 & 67 degrees Fahrenheit and some of us prefer warmer and cooler, but it is a useful rule in this case. It is always nice to warm up your bed.

Always heat your bedroom except the whole house- It is expensive and inefficient to heat up the entire home all night than just heating the whole house. Shut out the doors to keep all the heat in.

Always use the flanner winter bed sheets- Flannel is one of the best choices for the material for the bed sheets during the winter months. It is cotton that has been brushed to make it fluffier. It is not like the smooth normal cotton sheets. The extra fluffiness depicts that more air is trapped which makes it better than any type of insulator.

Always create some top layers of sheets as well as the blankets- The idea always is creating layers of insulation as it will trap the air that is a very poor conductor of the heat.

Always choose a warmer or a comforter along with the duvet filling- If you are not against using the animal products, it is one of the warmest filling for the comforters or the duvets by adding some feathers to it. This will keep your body warm. Then there’s another great choice i.e. wool which will trap out the air effectively and still be more breathable than the synthetic fillings.

Always choose the warmer blankets and the materials- If you use the blanket, you must have the warmest materials like wood and the cotton fleece. These are the fibers and the materials that are curlier and creates a better air pocket which trap the body heat and for the flat synthetic fibers. So, basically there are various choices of wool such as the sheep wool and the lamb wool which is the most common. If you want the warmest, then you can try out the blankets that are made of Merino, Alpaca, Cashmere, Yak and Qiviut.

In this way, you can use the bed warmers and keep yourself warm during the winter months.

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