Sleeping On the Couch! Is It Really Bad?

The sofa is originally intended to sit, but why do you sleep on the sofa?After you go home from work, do you have to sleep for a while lying on the sofa to rest your tired body?

The sofa is originally intended to sit, but why do you sleep on the sofa?After you go home from work, do you have to sleep for a while lying on the sofa to rest your tired body? You think “I’m not going to sleep on the couch, I will just take a break than  go to bed , than you wake up broken with pain all over you back ,because you slept more than 8 hours on that couch.” that happens all the time and for all of us. When you sit down on the couch and take a rest or watch TV after dinner, you may find that you always go to bed and that it is morning when you notice it. The trouble is that some people say that it is a routine practice to sleep on the couch instead of the bed. One of the most dangerous places to sleep is the couch, according to a new study. Researchers found that “nearly 8,000 newborn deaths in the United States, about 12%, were related to the couch based on a study carried out on October 13, 2014 and published in the Journal of Pediatrics. «It was shocking that 1 in 8 per cent of infant mortality is related to sleeping on the couch, ».Even if we do not really know the reasons, it is essential for us to sleep. This is why, since antiquity, sleep deprivation has been used as a mean of torture. Indeed, the consequences of lack of sleep are numerous. One study even showed that rats deprived of this precious time of rest died after two or three weeks. This biological phenomenon allows us, among other benefits, to rest not only our body but also our brain. And it is common to all animals! We even know that the first unicellular organisms that populated our Earth also benefited from certain periods of rest. Sleep helps the human body to renew its activity and increases its ability to perform mental and physical activities the following day. The person must take the appropriate position during sleep in order to increase relaxation, help the body to sleep deeply, and sleep on couch is one of the positions taken by many of people when sleeping.

You should know that sleeping on the couch every day is not appropriate since the prolonged and continued rest in this place can make your sleep hours not as efficient as they should and may end up bringing you different problems and serious diseases. A restful sleep and a good rest must be in optimal conditions during night and for this the conditions of the rest should be ideal. You should always rest in a quality bed because when you sleep on the couch, which is meant to be sitting for a while or to recline can damage your back and keep you from being well rested. It is a good option if you have guests or for specific days but it should not be your usual resting place. As we have already explained, resting on a couch is a good option for when you have guests, although for this purpose you should always select good quality armchairs so that the rest is as good as possible. Although we continue to affirm that the best thing is a bed with a good mattress that’s why choosing the best latex mattress is a must, if you are going to buy a sofa to use for this sleeping, it is best to select a high quality sofa bed. The best ones are those with pocket springs. If we choose a sofa bed with intertwined springs, it will most likely be deformed.

One of the reasons for sleeping on the sofa may be the uncomfortable feeling of the bed. Some people find that the bed is too soft and the sofa’s stiffer. In that case, make the bed a firm mattress. Conversely, if you experience the overwhelming comfort of a best latex mattress, which spreads your body pressure, you may not think to sleep on the couch anymore.

Heavy people are more prone to back and bone diseases because of excess weight and sleeping on the couch makes it worse, for many, firmer, thicker mattresses are the best option. So if you are struggling with you weight make sure to have a good diet or choose between the best mattresses for heavy people which you can find in our website and other websites too.

Deep sleep helps the person to increase attention, renew mental activity, and increases the ability of the body’s cells to perform various functions, and the most important factors that depend on deep sleep choice of the best mattress and the appropriate sleep position of the body.

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