Should I start with a CCNA or CCENT course if I have little idea about computer networking?


So the very first thing that we know about CCENT and CCNA is that both are Cisco certified-based courses. CCENT stands for Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician and CCNA is abbreviated as Cisco Certified Network Associate. Both are not so different from each but the CCNA is more advanced and one step forward as compared to CCENT. Most technical engineers are trained from CCENT training and now they can handle the networking sites more easily. As we all know we are in an environment of the digital world where mostly technically engineers are trained online or from a well-certified institution. Computer networking needs much more knowledge for handling it and candidates have to acquire more skills and talents for these techniques.

Which is better: CCNA or CCENT?

If we start comparing between the two courses then we need to know about both course’s designation and facilitation. CCENT is the course that directly targets the skills of the beginner candidate and gives full effort to accelerate the candidate’s skills and talent. Today’s generation needs teaching and learning about this technical ethics and they should be aware of the news that CCENT allows

CCENT online courses and CCENT online training. And similarly, CCNA is also a well-certified course that is one step advanced to CCENT and stimulates the ability and skills of the beginner candidate. Both courses are linked with the Cisco Certification and is a better course for networking computers and handling them. They possess an advanced level of project scheduling practices and they are also responsible for the project schedule and progress to project teams and they also monitor track and control project schedule, resources, and budget. overall they contribute to the success of the project as an expert in scheduling.

Is it necessary to start a CCENT and CCNA course?

CCENT and CCNA are well-certified courses and the beginner’s candidate who have the dream for a good technician, they all should go for these courses. CCENT gives CCENT Certification which is very valuable and has much name and fame in the field of the digital world. CCNA is more advanced than the CCENT course and candidates who are beginners should start with the CCENT as this is the first and foremost step towards the acceleration of ability for computer networking. This is a vast generation full of technologies and advertising and the mainly focused platform is online. Computer networking was never believed to be an easy and simple course, the advance and special techniques should be present in the ability of candidates. Today’s industrial institutions never ask for a degree or something else, all they need is skills and ability inside a candidate.

Why are these courses important?

CCNA and CCENT are important courses as these courses provide special certification and input the skills. Computer networking technicians need much ability and skills for the job. If these course certifications have value for money then why not a beginner candidate will go after these courses. Today’s young generation is always in search of such online courses as they know the benefits and they are very sure about courses that they can easily achieve the certificate. The fact is true enough that no one is born with skills or talent, all need to build it up inside themselves. Eat a healthy breakfast before the test. Read all the instructions carefully and read the questions thoroughly. Mark the difficult ones. After going through the questions just dive into answering them. Check your watch regularly and focus on calm breathing and positive thoughts. There may be a lot of technical issues but deep down all have to learn to deal and get over it as the technicians are professional and they must have the knowledge to overcome the problem.


So after a long discussion, we can conclude that the beginner candidate should try for CCENT or CCNA course if they have knowledge about computer networking skills. As these courses provide many things and are also beneficial for the candidate. These courses improve the skills and ability of a candidate for technical work. We can’t see today’s world without technical things and digital networking as the world and environment is surrounded by digital and online platforms.

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