How to Spy On Facebook Messenger?

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By Mia Sophia

Initially developed as Facebook Chat, Messenger is the most popular instant messaging application having more than 1.2 billion active users. The social networking app allows users to send messages, exchange photos, videos, audios, stickers, emoticons and files. It also supports voice and video calling with end-to-end encrypted conversations, multiple accounts and games. Though the messaging app offers numerous fun ways to communicate with the people across the world, it holds numerous potential dangers for teenagers and younger adults. The unsupervised and unbridled use of messaging app can cause teens to experience several mental, psychological and physical health issues. Meanwhile, the app facilitates cyber-bullies and predators to access and victimize adolescents.

Parents are required to monitor the instant messaging apps of their children to protect them from the curses of cyber-bullying, child molestation, cat-fishing, scamming, sexting and other online crimes. However, you need to know the username and password of your kid’s messenger to monitor their online conversations. But what if your teens are not comfortable in sharing their Facebook password with you?

Luckily, there is a spy application that allows parents to spy on the Facebook Messenger app of children without knowing the credentials. Read on to know how Facebook spy application helps parents to monitor the Facebook Messenger of their kids.

How does Facebook Spy App Work?

Once you download and install the Facebook spy app on the Android cell phone of your kid, you can track all the Facebook messages, media file sharing and call logs without letting them know. The end-user of the spy app is provided access to the spy app online account from where he/she can monitor Facebook activities of their children.

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Spy on Facebook Messenger Messages

Do you know what sort of messages your teen girl or boy receives through messenger? There is no secret that social media and instant messaging apps are commonly used by cyber-bullies and predators to access adolescents across the world without any cost. The more time your kids spend online, the more they are likely to face these scoundrels. Most of the teenagers get trapped by the molesters and persecutors because they do not know how to deal with the villains of the digital world. Meanwhile, they do not inform their parents about their negative experiences because they think their non-tech savvy parents would neither understand their situation nor their advice would be quite helpful.

In this situation, the Facebook spy app provides support to parents and grants them access to the online messages of their children without taking their phones into possession. By logging into the spy app online account, you can read the messages received and sent via Facebook Messenger. While you can see the text, stickers and emoticons used in those messages, you can also access the profiles of the message senders and receivers. You can monitor one-on-one messages as well as group chats and thread conversations.

Spy on Facebook Messenger Calls

Similar to Facebook messages, the cell phone tracking app shows you the history of calls received and made via Facebook Messenger. While Facebook allows its users to have video and audio chats with strangers, the Facebook spy app allows parents to track these calls to know whom their children are in contact with. You can see the Facebook call logs containing the information of the time and duration of each audio and video call as well as the contact detail of the callers and recipients.

Spy on Facebook Media Files

The photos, videos, audios and files exchanged via Facebook Messenger can be tracked and downloaded through the online account of the spy app. By logging into the online control panel of the social media tracking software, you can see what type of photos and videos your kids are receiving from their fellows. If these media files are appropriate for their age or not? Usually, the social messengers are used by predators to exchange sexually explicit stuff with their victims. They send videos showing teens involved in sexual activities to convince their targets that such behavior is acceptable. So, if you find your kid to receive stuff related to child pornography, it is a sign that he/she is involved in something terrible. The spy application informs parents of the things timely to enable them to take necessary steps if their kids are receiving objectionable content from the scoundrels.

Facebook Screen Capturing

The Facebook spy app enables parents to capture every activity of their kids with the help of screenshots. You can send a command through online spy app account to the targeted cell phone to take screenshots in the real-time or at the scheduled time. As your kid starts using the messenger, the tracking app starts capturing screenshots to enable parents to record every single activity of their kids performed on messenger.

What Else Spy App Offers?

The cell phone tracking software does not just monitor Facebook Messenger but it tracks the other widely used social media and instant messaging apps including Instagram, SnapChat, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Skype, Telegram and IMO. Luckily, the tracking app allows parents to protect their kids from the hazards of dangerous social networking and dating apps such as Tinder and Kik. The cutting-edge features of the cell phone spy appenable parents to monitor every single online and offline activity of their kids remotely.

The Bottom Line

Facebook Monitoring app provides parents with enough information regarding the online activities of their children. This information helps them to take necessary measures on smelling potential threats.

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