Different kinds of stone sealers

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Stone needs to be protected at some point in time. You might have marble tiles or granite counter tops you might need sealers. The stone sealers are easy to apply and are suitable for every weather condition. A stone sealer maintains the paint surface and gives a repellent effect of limestone. The stone sealers are eco-friendly and available in different pack sizes. There are stone sealers and limestone sealers. The regular usage of stone sealer will ensure long-lasting shine on the floor.

Impregnating sealer

This sealer penetrates into your stone to seal up the small holes and pores beneath the surface. This sealer can be used in any kind of stone. This stone sealer can also be used to increase the slip resistance of the floor. This can be used in any kind of stone may be tumbled or polished. The impregnating sealer does not affect the color of the skin.

Limestone sealants

This can be used in porous stones like limestone or marble. You may want to invest on the sealers which are specially made for porous stones like limestone sealers. Usually, these sealers are made of silicone, which helps to fill the big holes of the porous stone. These are good for the highly used areas like the kitchen.

Colour Enhancer

The color enhancer is a topical sealer which sits on the surface of the stone. It does not penetrate inside the stone and should be used in conjunction with a penetrating stone sealer. Colour enhancer helps to bring the out the color of the stone and gives you a matte and tumbled stone.

Shine Enhancer

If you have a dull surface than you can use the shine enhancer, as it is topical sealer that leaves high gloss finish. But this should always be used in the already polished stones and not on the tumbled stones. You can use this after using limestone sealers and stone sealer.


You should always get the right sealer for the correct stone. There is no use of using an application over and over again.

The stone sealers are really easy to apply and have good penetration property. Even you do not need to put primer before applying the sealers. A wrong care of stone can damage the stone or may leave a mark which is dreadful. So you need to do a proper study before buying stone sealers or enhancer.

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