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Snagfilms is a website where people can watch thousands of free movies online. Many TV shows are also available. The movies have ads but their duration is short and also have very less quantity. The quality of movies is very high and streaming them is very easy. Here is a short review of the website.

Organization of movies

Users can find a list of movies, which they can watch online. There is a section on the website where new and popular movies can be found. There are various genres available and movies can be chosen from them. These include documentary, crime, Latino, African, health, food, and many others. There is a separate collection and of movies that do not belong to any genre but are popular. SnagFilms also has the feature of suggesting stream movies of the same genre, which users choose for watching movies.

Quality of movies

The quality of the videos available on the website is very high and people will have a good experience while watching the movies. The movies are available in 720p or 1080p.

Player of the website

The video player on the website has many features. There is a slider in which users can use to increase or decrease the volume. The movies can be seen either on a slim screen or in full-screen mode. Another option available is changing the quality of the video. One thing that lacks in the player is the subtitles, which are available in some other websites.

There are many options, which are available below the movie. One of these options is sharing the movies, which users can do on various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. If a user has his website, he can embed the video on that website through the embed option. Registration is not required for watching the movies but if the users do so, they have the option of putting those movies in queue.


Websites that provide free stream movies have to keep ads in between the movies and so does the SnagFilms. The quantity of ads is low and they are of very short duration. There is no indication of the placement of ads but users can see maximum two or three of them only.


Users can see movies without facing any buffering problems. The videos can be streamed at any quality and buffering will be done very easily without any problem. The videos will not stop in the middle for buffering. Users can fast forward the movie or pause it and it will be buffered without any issues. If any error occurs while buffering, users can refresh the page. In such a case, the movie will start from the beginning, which can be irritating.

Apps of the website

SnagFilms has free movie app which users can download on their mobiles and enjoy various features of the website. In order to let the app work, users have to create an account by using Facebook, Twitter, or Google. There is an option of skipping up the sign-in procedure and still, users can use the app. The app has a categories section in which there are many genres and users can choose the movies from them. The video player options of the app are not the same as those of the website.

SnagFilms Library

There is a huge library where people can find many movies of their choice. Documentaries are also available to watch. The website also has underrated and old movies. There is a section that belongs to the movies of those actors when they were not famous.

The user interface of the website

The user interface of the website is very simple and easy to use. Searching movies and documentaries is easy. Though users can watch the movies without signing up if they do so, they have the option of queuing the movies. People do not have the option to rate the movies nor any sorting option.

Final words

SnagFilms has a huge library and users can choose the stream movies from their favorite genre. The video player has many options and users can change the quality, increase or decrease the volume and share the movies. Since the website is free, so it adds advertisements in the movies, which are few in numbers and short in duration.

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