Simple Yet Great Ways to Style Yeezy Shoes

Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that Kanye West is a man of many talents — especially when it comes to music and footwear.

While he is no formally trained designer, Mr. West has a keen eye for fashion. And as such, this brought us the infamous Adidas Yeezy shoes which, quite frankly, many of us love to hate. In other words, they have well and truly divided the global population.

However, if you’re a fan of Yeezys and want to do them justice here are a few styling tips for every Yeezy silhouette!

Your Guide to Styling Yeezy Shoes: Yeezy 750s

Most die-hard Yeezy fans will tell you that you need to style Yeezy 750s like you would Air Jordan 1s thanks to the signature high-top ankle. Or the fact that it’s the OG sneaker of your wardrobe.

Either way, they are the type of sneaker that can go with almost any outfit thanks to the many different tonal colorways. Some of the most popular still include grey, black, light brown, and rich brown.

With its boot-like design, the 750s are far more formal than other Yeezy styles, but you can also wear them with casual outfits. In other words, they go well with suits, a classic white t-shirt, and jeans combo, jeans and a blazer, jeans and a flannel shirt — the choice is all yours!

Yeezy 350s

There are also those diehard fans that will tell you that the true OG sneaker among them all is the 350 Yeezy. And they wouldn’t be wrong because the 350s are what started it all back in 2015. Of course, there’s also the option of the updated 350 V2s and the 350 V2 boosts.

Whichever style you choose, the 350 versions are a little more street casual and sporty. This makes them styling them pretty easy and you are also spoiled-for-choice when it comes to colorways.

You can style these Yeezys with everyday casual looks — whether you’re wearing track pants and a hoodie to go grocery shopping. Or, you can style them with an athleisure look, such as black tights and an oversized t-shirt.

They work well with denim, whether it’s baggy or fitted, and a blazer. Due to catch a flight in the near future? You can wear your Yeezy 350s with your casual, yet chic airport outfit, too.

Yeezy 700s and 500s

Some might love them, and others might detest them, but there’s no denying that ”dad shoes” has made a major comeback in recent years. And if there was any type of footwear to fall into this category, it’s both the Yeezy 700 and 500s.

The key to wearing dad shoes and still looking on-trend is how you style them. If you’re a lover of color and want to stand out with your footwear, then the Yeezy 700s are a great choice because of the huge selection of colorways to choose from. You can even find 700s in two to three different color combinations for a real footwear statement.

In contrast, the Yeezy 500s are a little more paired back with monotonal colors. These are a great option if you prefer a simpler, toned-down look.

A great way to style colorful Yeezy 700s is with contrasting bold colors. You can do this with either your clothes or your socks for something a little less bold. Either style of Yeezy dad shoes goes well with relaxed attire, such as sweatpants, athleisure, oversized jeans, and hoodies.

For summer, you can style these Yeezys with shorts and a complimentary colorful pair of socks.

Yeezy 380s

If you love texture and pattern, these are the Yeezys to go for. These shoes are a statement themselves thanks to their patterned, textured detail and different colorways.

Some might say that these Yeezys are a little more difficult to style because of their signature look. But if you keep the rest of your outfit simple, you’ll strike the right balance in terms of styling.

For example, a fresh white and gray pair of Yeezy 380s looks amazing with an all-black outfit, such as a good pair of fitted black jeans, a black t-shirt or bodysuit, and a blazer.

Yeezy QNTM

These are the types of sneakers that divide a nation. You either love them or you can’t stand them. With their over-the-top, futuristic style, did you really expect anything less from Kanye? We didn’t think so.

These Yeezys are a mix between the 750s, 700s, and 500s, with a signature high-top ankle, and an oversized, dad-shoe vibe going on at the front of the shoe. All with a modern, futuristic twist.

In short, the shoes themselves are a way to make a statement with any outfit you choose. As such, they’re best paired with something a little more casual, such as a pair of joggers and a fitted t-shirt. Or, you can be bold and style them with pleather trousers, or fitted jeans, and a bomber jacket.

Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas

Not all Yeezys have that over-the-top flair, and the Yeezy Powerphase shoes are a great example of a more casual, retro-inspired style. This makes them a great pair of sneakers to invest in because of how versatile and easy to style they are.

The ideal outfit for these types of Yeezys is on the ”preppier” side with a pair of basic gray or beige chinos, a simple white t-shirt, and a light blazer, or a hoodie.

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Whether you’re a fan of Yeezy shoes or not, one thing’s for sure, they’re a great way to add a statement piece to your wardrobe. Luckily, there are a variety of Yeezy styles to suit all tastes.

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