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As the wedding approaches, brides with short hair may panic because hairstyles for a wedding for short hair seem limited. But we’re here to tell you that’s not true. Wedding hairstyles for short hair are numerous and confer a younger and refreshing look on the bride. We are talking bobs, mini updos, lobs, crops, pixies, and styles in between. So if you’re the bride who prefers to keep a short hairstyle or you want to cut off your Rapunzel locks, go ahead. You’ll find the most adorable wedding hairstyles for short hair in this post.

Curly low cut

Most brides with short hair are on low crops or cuts. So if you fall in this category, opt for an ultra-rich feminine styling that would make your face look softer. Go in with a statement and sparkly floral comb for a warm and romantic look. When choosing your comb, consider your jewelry and ensure it matches. Also, opt for hair accents and accessories that don’t upstage your wedding dress.

Banged up blunt bob

Fashion-forward brides would love the short bob wedding hairstyles because they’re versatile. We are so in love with blunt bob and bangs. Pair these dimensions together with a floral-inspired wedding gown or jewelry for a whimsical vibe. You can also opt for an understated gown with statement hair pieces that complement your bob for a sleek look.

Vintage waves

Vintage waves are some of the most refreshing short hair bridal hairstyles you can ever wear. They’re perfect for confident and Glamorous brides. Lean towards the brushed-out finger waves with balayage highlights. You may also opt for highlights that match your skin tone for the ultimate chic look. This style works with or without a veil to make you the cynosure of all eyes.

High spirals

If you’re a very short hair bride, think about getting romantic curls because they suit all hair lengths. Create a stylish look by letting your top hair grow out. Then follow through with a curl activator while you fade the sides short. The endpoint of this style is to create a youngish-looking bride with voluminous hair and a playful look.

Chic sideswept pompadour

Ladies thinking of short hair bridal styles could consider a side-swept pompadour hairstyle. This is one of the most timeless looks you can wear. Blend a sleek undercut with top glossy curls swept to the side. Fade the exposed side of your head so that the volume stays on top and to one side. There’s no look chicer.

Volumized retro waves

Do you have a pixie-cut wedding hair? Then the volumized retro waves are one of the best hairstyles for you. Let your bob grow out a bit because curling them into waves makes them shorter. You may also trim off about an inch at the tip for a healthier look. You can keep one side longer than the other. Use a big barrel curling tong to create loose waves. Finish this look with a floral headpiece of blooms for a whimsical look. You may also wear statement pins or motifs for a flirty overall look.

Boho, texturized and earthy

Brides who went bald for any reason or have the absolute crop would appreciate the boho, textured, and earthy-inspired look. Wear flower crowns made out of greenery and ferns. Baby’s breath, jasmine, and foliage are also beautiful ideas. This look is rich, organic, and creates a pale aesthetic that suits beach, woodland, tropical, and coastal weddings.

Textured mohawk (rocker chic)

Do you want to channel the rocker chic look with hairstyles for a wedding with short hair? A textured Mohawk is one of the perfect bridal updos for short hair you can wear. Look cool I’m this statement hairstyle with a crocheted faux hawk that combines glam and an edgy look. Pepper the base of this style with pearls, single bloom, or statement clips. Only brides with confidence can carry this style and we know you’re one.

High low layered bob

Serve face in your high low layered bob. This style gives definition and an illusion to your hair. It’s also vintage, so best believe that brides with old souls would love this style. Fill your layered bob with deep waves for a feminine look and adorn the side with a large barrette. Don’t forget the side part that will give the ultimate art deco look.

Parisian vibe

For a passionate French look, work your chin-length bob with a full grow fringe. Thus chic look would go with a veil that matches the length of your hair. And if you want to do without the veil, it’s okay too. Just finish the look with a large bloom, encrusted headbands, or statement slides.

Edgy pixie

Opt for a pixie short wedding hair with an asymmetrical cut if you want an edgy look. Think longer lengths on one side and the back, structured and spiral curls framing the face and you won’t be far from your perfect wedding look. If you’ve got naturally curly hair, this style will reveal the full beauty of your hair.

Au naturel

Brides who haven’t subjected their hair to relaxers would enjoy this style. Go all-natural by enhancing your bouncy curls. The volume is one for drooling. Pin in some flowers in your tightly wound coils for a bold and present look. We advise a variety of blooms sizes so that they can attract the right attention. However, if you don’t want so many wild strands, you can hold up one side with a clip.

If you want to learn how to style short hair for a wedding, you’re in the right post. Here we’ve got stunning hairstyles for a wedding for short hair ideas that you can adopt. There’s something for everyone from mo hawk to bob, lobs, pixies, crops, and more. You’ll also learn how to accessorize so that it suits your overall look.

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