Seven Fashion Rules For Grooms And Groomsmen

Mishaps and mistakes are a part of life as the famous saying goes, “to err are human.” However, there is one day in your life where you want nothing to go wrong. If you add the graduation ceremony, there are two days, though we are talking about your wedding day.

Guys spend a fortune to marry the love of their lives; the last thing they want is a mishap becoming a part of people’s dinner talk for years to come. Perfection maximizes the focus on the memories that you want to remember for this important day. It should not end with the groom and the bride. People wish to have all the other arrangements for their wedding to be flawless, ranging from the choice of flowers to the attire of others present.

The bridesmaids and the groomsmen add to the beauty of a wedding and complement each other if they dress well. Though fashion is a never-ending road that we do not wish to embark upon, there are many ground rules for the dressing of the groomsmen and the grooms. Whether you are a bridesmaid or a groomsman, you would not wish to ruin the big day of your friend now, would you?

Bow ties

Imagining formal gatherings without ties is like having cereal without milk. Neckties will never go out of fashion, but many people also prefer bow ties for weddings. Though James Bond does not attend weddings all the time, he likes bow ties for an apparent reason; they look dashing. The grooms and groomsmen also follow the rule of the contrast with groomsmen preferring dark colors, and the groom is going for ivory or white shade as it matches the dress of the bride. Wearing a bow tie is also a welcome break from the neckties you wear for your job and meetings all the time. As they are not so prevalent among guys, they do bring an element of a unique panache for which everyone yearns.

Mix and match

Though people tend to wear the same color to look eye-catching on big occasions, mixing colors is not a bad idea either. The groomsmen can choose up to three different colors, which they mix and match. The grooms usually prefer wearing a shade of white, well, because it is the wedding day. On the other hand, the groomsmen should also choose a color for the best man that stands out among them all, let’s say a deep red blazer. It is an icing on the cake if you persuade the bridesmaids to match the tones, too, making a harmony of the color palette on both sides of the stage.

Groom should stand out

You do not want the bride and the groom to get lost somewhere in the crowd because everyone is wearing similar clothing. Since the groomsmen and the best man surround the groom most of the time, they must choose attire and shade varying from the groom. The rule of thumb is groomsmen wearing similar shades and the groom choosing a contrasting one to stand out.

Keep it clean

Since they have the names of grooms and groomsmen, grooming is mandatory. Turning up to a wedding with shabby hair and untrimmed beard or unshaved face will cancel out anything you wear. A couple of days before the wedding, the guys should get together for a bachelor party at the barber. Most should completely shave, but it’s all right, you can give some of the guys a leeway to trim their beard if they like it that way.

Dress according to your body

Not everyone is Chris Hemsworth that whatever they wear on the big day will make them look handsome. People have different body types, and dressing accordingly is game-changing. If you are skinny, don’t worry, you will look broader if you choose to wear a double-breasted suit. For those who look shorter, adding an extra button to your jacket can make up for it. Well, this tip is not limited to men alone, dressing according to your body buries those insecurities among women “by hiding problem areas and accentuating assets” according to this research.

Button up

Talking about buttons, men choose either a two-button or a three-button jacket to go with the rest of the attire. Depending on your choice, if you decide to go for a two-button jacket, the top button should rest above or over your belly button. The same rule applies to the middle button in case you go for a three-button jacket. Most tailors already know this rule but remind them while they take your size, just in case.

Fitting trousers

Trousers should comfortably fit so you can easily stand, sit, or cross your legs. Having pants that are either too tight or too loose can sometimes end up embarrassing you. Nowadays, the hem of the trousers hitting just the top of the shoe is in style. You would want to wear long enough socks, so no part of your leg becomes visible at any instant. As we are talking about the socks, you should choose a design that displays your personality and complement the bride’s attire at the same time.


People wait all their life for the big day of their weddings, and wanting perfection at that time is quite natural. Attention to the minor details turns an acceptable attire into something mesmerizing. Grooms and groomsmen should coordinate all the matching, colors, and the choice of attire so the groom stands out among them. It also helps if the groomsmen and bridesmaids also wear matching colors giving the whole stage a uniform outlook. The magic moment of the bride appearing on the aisle will become even more ravishing if everyone else wears matching attires.

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