Setting The Tone for Your Wedding. Finding The Right Music to Set The Mood.

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The music you choose for your wedding sets the tone for the whole day. No matter if you’re holding a small backyard wedding, eloping on the beach, or having a classic ceremony, you can use music to create special moments for you, your significant other, and your guests. You can find the perfect music to set the mood for your wedding with these quick tips.

Hire a Live Band

There’s no better way to enhance your wedding experience than with a live band playing the music you love on your special day. Hiring a New York wedding band takes the pressure off of creating a playlist from scratch. You can, of course, let the musicians know your preferences for specific scheduled songs for the father-daughter or first bride and groom dances.

Pack the dance floor with catchy tunes played by high-energy entertainers that will get all your guests moving. Set the perfect tone with a classic, soft entrance down the aisle. Energize the reception later with a full repertoire of music played by musicians dedicated to making your day a success. If there are specific songs you’d rather not hear on your special day, let the musicians know with a ‘Do Not Play’ list. This will ensure every song fits exactly with the theme of your wedding.

Keep It Classy

For those special moments between the happy couple, choose soft songs with a jazzy vibe. Whether hiring a band or creating your own playlist, song selections for your walk down the aisle are just as important as filler music before the reception starts. Selections from Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Miles Davis are great options for keeping your wedding classy. Classical choices also make great selections for planned dances, adding an elevated feel to these special moments. Dance through the night with swing beats and mellow jazz for classic wedding vibes.

It’s Party Time

The reception is all about getting everyone out of their seats to hit the dance floor. This is the best time to celebrate your union with your friends and family in attendance. Songs from popular artists like Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift are sure to please guests who want to party the night away with you. Don’t forget to add in a few slower songs though. This gives people a break and time to get another drink so you can pace yourselves and keep the party going all night long.

Now Throw It Back

There are certain songs that everyone knows the lyrics to and will jam out to no matter what. Classic throwbacks are always much needed during the reception to keep every attendee entertained. Choose songs guests will love, and then sing out to your heart’s content. Reminisce together with Motown beats and upbeat classics from the 50s through the 80s. From Billy Joel to Stevie Wonder, there’s no way your guests won’t be crowding the dance floor the whole night.

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