Send Authentic Messages Online In Just A Click With Handwrytten

To physically show or demonstrate our appreciation to someone, we send handwritten thank you cards or notes. This is a very genuine act in recognizing the value of someone who has done something good to us or who has given us a favor, whether big or small. This might just be a very simple way of how we value someone’s presence in our life. And the notes or cards we give are just pieces of paper but the gesture surely makes the receiver feel better and loved.

A handwritten note or card can uplift the spirit of the receiver for the personalized touch it gives. Especially to those who often neglect the offline world because of their hectic schedules. The notes and cards which are an invaluable tool in showing gratefulness to anyone can fill this gap and let those people feel their worth.

In business, giving the clients something personalized like handwritten notes and cards is a wonderful way of showing goodwill. It’s letting them know how much you care about them and how much you value their support. And it is a demonstration that you have good intentions to continue your relationship with them.

But have you noticed how this digital age has changed the tradition of sending handwritten notes and cards? In this era of a very high-tech world, everything is happening so fast that people no longer have time to produce their own handwritten notes or messages. The fast-paced world made people so occupied that they opted to just send a ready-made email or digital messages. This is somehow sad, but showing appreciation nowadays becomes generic. And sending messages has lost the sense of a personal touch. 

Technology has changed one authentic tradition but technology is also now the reason why we can send handwritten thank you cards online with feelings, via Handwrytten.

Established in 2014 with the goal to make sending handwritten notes as easy as sending an email. Handwrytten is known as the world’s leading handwriting service. Its technology uses patented robotics machines that are capable of autonomously writing more or less 1,000 notes per day. This kind of service is very popular whether for personal or business use.

Handwrytten can customize thank you card messages for any occasion. If you’re in a hurry and you can’t do everything on your own. So, you can just choose from over 29 distinct handwriting styles and predesigned cards and messages. 
One amazing feature of this service is that you can sign cards directly from your smartphones, so you can make a more authentic impression and a more personalized touch. When it comes to pricing, they have a lot to offer to every individual or business. Each card is offered for as low as $3.25. If you want more savings, you can avail yourself of a variety of plans – silver, gold, platinum, or diamond. And you will receive discounts of as much as 25%! They also have great deals for those who want to send in bulk. And they offer to prepay options with even higher discounts.

To experience the convenience of connecting with people from around the world in a very authentic way, you may download this breakthrough tool from the App Store or Google Play.

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