Scrap Cars: How They Harm The Environment & Solutions

We have all had an old car sat in our driveway at some time in our lives and that can sometimes be months, which quickly turn to years. You might think an old vehicle sitting on the drive won’t harm the environment, yet here are a few ways scrap cars can cause environmental issues.

  1. Engine Oil & Other Fluids– We all know how harmful oil is when released into the environment. When a car is scrapped, all fluids are drained, and the material is disposed of in an eco-friendly way. Gasoline and diesel are hazardous and should be disposed of correctly. Even the engine coolant fluid is toxic and should be drained from the vehicle before it is scrapped.
  • Corrosion – The universe is in a constant state of decay and over the years, steel, aluminum, and other metals rust, which is washed into the ground in heavy rain. The best solution is to call a cash for scrap cars Campbelltown or your area has and they will pay you in cash and take the car away, freeing up that valuable drive space. They handle deregistration, which is required by law and most importantly 90% of the vehicle is recycled or reused.
  • Waterways– If a local stream or river were to be polluted due to an old car, this might result in serious consequences for the vehicle owner. The law can be very specific about ways to scrap old vehicles and when you deal with a car for cash company, you can be sure that no laws are broken and much of the car is reused. There are many components that can be reconditioned and sold to private car owners. Before a car body is sent to the crusher, it is completely stripped, with the majority being recycled or reused on another vehicle of the same make.
  • Car Batteries-Aside from being very heavy, car batteries are very toxic and require special handling; there is lead and battery acid within and batteries are sent to a specialized recycling plant. Of course, if you call up cars for cash company, you won’t have to worry about anything. Reclaim that space and get top dollar for the old car, before it causes any environmental damage.
  • Fire Hazard– If an old car still has fuel in it, then it could be a fire hazard; a short circuit could start a fire if the battery is still connected. Times have changed and you can no longer take an old car to a tip; rather it must be recycled by a state-approved car breakers yard. When you call a car for cash outfit, they take the car to a breakers yard, where it is thoroughly stripped down and all working components are reconditioned, and ready for use. The car body is sent to a crusher and comes out the size of a wedding cake box, which can be sent to a smelting factory to make new metal sheets.

Cars For Cash Companies

When a vehicle is no longer worth repairing and servicing, this is a time to call one of your local cars for cash companies, who deal directly with the breakers yard. They will beat any other quote, to ensure that you get the very best deal, plus they tow the car away after paying you in cash. Simply hand over the reg docs and they take care of everything, freeing you of any legal liability.

The government takes environmental matters seriously and there are strict laws in place regarding auto recycling.

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