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Personal Injury is physical harm that is done to or suffered by someone. If someone else’s wrongful actions led to you being hurt then it may be time to file a personal injury claim. San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer Dolan Law can help you in such a situation.

The renowned attorneys at their Law Firm are committed to representing their clients to bring them justice. Founded and spearheaded by Chris Dolan, a trial expert, perceived as one of the foremost personal injuries attorneys in San Fransisco, Oakland California, and Los Angeles.

However, Chris and his team of accomplished lawyers at the Dolan Law Firm have settled and recovered millions of dollars by winning verdicts for their clients.

They study your case for free while maintaining confidentiality without any obligation on your part. They provide you with undivided attention while evaluating your case and also impart individual service of exceptional quality.

Personal Injury Attorney San Fransisco Dolan Law, Car Accident Lawyer San Francisco Dolan law firm treats their clients as family and pays close attention throughout the legal process. While many law firms charge on an hourly basis San Francisco Personal Injury Attorney Dolan Law only charge if they win the case.

Categories of Personal Injury

There are mainly three types of Personal Injuries that cover the criteria for a lawsuit:

  • Actual Bodily Harm
  • Pain and Sufferings
  • Emotional distress or Trauma

Actual Bodily Harm as the name suggests is harm caused to the body. If you are hurt in a motor accident due to the reckless driving of someone else, you are eligible to file a lawsuit against the driver.

This is the most recurring case for the San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer Dolan Law and they have done extensive work on this particular website and provide all information related to this on their official website.

You can get compensated for the medical bills or any other injury-related expense which might come in the future.

This includes additional operations, medicines, home consultancy charges, or anything that might help you to get better and return to your normal life.

Pain and Suffering on the other hand are complicated to define. Help from professional mental health experts is required to record their pain and suffering.

Anyone pursuing a claim against pain and suffering needs proper documentation and details as to why they think they cannot enjoy life like they used to. They can no longer participate in activities that used to give them some sort of pleasure.

For example, if someone lost their life partner in an accident and no other relationship is proving meaningful to them then they might be able to seek compensation for it.

Emotional Distress is the most difficult lawsuit to pursue. It can always be seen as deliberately or inadvertently inflicted. This can include a wide range of injuries.  If someone defamed you or threatened to physically harm you then you can file a lawsuit against that person.

Who is most likely to get sued?

All automobile drivers and operators must have a sense of responsibility while driving or operating vehicles or they are liable to get sued. Most lawsuits are related to motor accidents.

Professional Medical practitioners, doctors, and surgeons demand a high sense of professionalism as a small mistake may prove fatal for others.

Manufacturers and Giant Industries must follow business practices that are ethical in nature else they will need to compensate the public who can file a lawsuit against them for unethical practices which resulted in some kind of personal injury.

Moreover, if you want a clear understanding of the situations under which you can file for a personal injury lawsuit. You can visit Doland law firm’s website and go to cases to have a clear idea if you can file a lawsuit.

Claiming Process

When we hear about lawsuits and their claiming process it always sounds like a complicated and lengthy process. However,  San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer Dolan Law can make the process very easy for you. Almost 95% of the cases that are injury-related are settled without keeping a step in the court.

The lawsuit claiming process or settlement process usually involves certain paperwork which if done correctly can make the settlement process very smooth. The injured party’s lawyers can help in reaching an agreeable amount both for the party and the insurance carrier.

Once the settlement is completed, the claiming process can begin and the person who is being charged with the lawsuit needs to pay all proceedings till the case in closed.

The parties can take the case to court trials if they could not come to an agreement. In this case, the judges in the court hear both sides and give equal opportunity to both parties. The judge then provides a judgment.

To make sure all the lawsuits don’t go to court trials and encourage people to settle cases without the court, the court makes use of its right to impose additional charges for the attorney’s fee and other related charges.

The Superiority of Dolan Law Firm

Exceptional Track Record:

San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer Dolan Law firm has an outstanding track record in settling lawsuits and has already recovered millions of dollars.

Tested Lawyers:

They have lawyers with prior experience who have already gone on trials and won cases.

Assets to win:

They have industry-leading assets be its technological assets, a group of experts, or years of experience. This helps them in winning cases against wrongdoers no matter how powerful and rich they are.

Superior against other law firms:

Dolan and his attorneys have experience as they held important positions and served as directors on local, state, and national boards. They always take the side of the injured and promote justice.


Filling and pursuing a personal injury claim can be a lengthy and troublesome process if professional help is not taken. San Francisco Personal Injury Lawyer Dolan Law can offer professional help in cases of personal injury, elder abuse, employee rights, car, and bike accidents, and most recently Covid 19.

Personal Injury Attorney San Fransisco dolan law, Car Accident Lawyer San Francisco Dolan, has a first-class record of success. They are the leaders in the lawsuit and promote justice for the injured. So, they have all the necessary resources and the unique quality is the individual attention they provide even with a small team of 15 layers is uncanny.

The client testimonials on their website are a clear indicator of their unparallel services which can be found on their official website. They have the testimony of all types of cases handled by them.

Also on their website, there are articles available on the extraordinary cases fought and won by them.

The best feature however is that they hear your case for free while maintaining strict confidentiality and do not take any charges until you win the case.


1. What is a personal injury?

Personal injury simply put when someone suffers harm of any kind be it bodily or emotionally.

2. What is not included in personal injury?

A personal injury needs to be immediate and extreme. A person who observed the aftermath of an injury cannot be allowed to seek compensation.

3. Who can file a personal injury and against whom?

Basically, anyone can file for personal injury against anyone who has caused physical or emotional injury to them.

4. Where is its location?

Dolan Law Firm is located in San Fransisco with also offices located in Oakland, Los Angeles, and Redondo Beach.

5. What can be described as their best feature?

The best feature which makes it easier to choose them is that they don’t charge any money if they do not win the case.

 6. What are the different scenarios for which you can take their help?

The different scenarios for which they can offer you help are automobile crashes, civil rights, elder neglect or abuse, employment abuse, etc

7. Are Dolan Law firm services worth it?

The services are definitely worth it. They have both the resources and experience for being one of the best personal injury law firms that can help you get justice.

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