Jennifer López Ben Affleck: Rhythmic relationship timeline

Jennifer lópez ben affleck are affianced. And it’s not 2002 or 2003. It is 2022. No, no, you are not dreaming or not in a virtual world. This is real. And it is happening. After almost 18 years Bennifer attached.

Bennifer was a famous couple from the early oughts. “Bennifer” referred to Ben Affleck and Jennifer López. The popular celebrity engaged in early 2002 and serrated in early 2004. They are famous Hollywood celebrities of Romance couples. They are being found on several loved-up outings and red carpet appearances together.

Let’s go through the memory lane of Ben and Jen’s relationship timeline. From how they met to one of the most lovable romanced couples in Hollywood.

Jennifer López-

Jennifer López is a famous American dancer, singer, actress, fashion expert, producer, and also a businesswoman. She spent almost 25 successful years in the Hollywood film industry. Therefore, today she is considered one of the top-rated A-list Hollywood’s biggest celebrities persons. As to the “celebrity net worth” site, she has a current net worth of $400million.

Early Life-

Jenifer Lopez was born on the 24th of July in 1969. She is from the Bronx borough of New York City. Guadalupe Rodriguez and David Lopez are her parents. From the age of 5, Jenifer started the lesson of singing and dancing. Moreover, her parents encouraged her the dancing and sing.

Personal Life-

Jenifer has made a number of high-profile relationships till now. She was in relationships with Sean Combs, Ben Affleck, and Backup dancer Casper Smart. Ben affleck jennifer lopez dated from 2002 and break up in 2003.

Moreover, she married three times. In 1997, she first married Ojani Noa. then she married dancer Cris Judd in 2001. And in 2004, she was engaged to Marc Antony. In fact, she has been engaged to baseball player Alex Rodriguez in March 2019.

Business Ventures-

She entered the business arena in 2003 with her clothing line up “JLO”. and later fragrance line up with the same name launched in the market.

Ben Affleck-

Ben Affleck is a famous American Actor, director, producer, and screenwriter. He is also known for his philanthropic work.  As to the “celebrity net worth” site, he has a current net worth of $150million. He is popularly known for his writing and acting in “Good Will Hunting” and for starring and directing in “Argo”. He won the Academy Award in the category of “Best Original Screenplay” for “Good Will Hunting”. Moreover, for the “Argo” he won Academy Award in the “Best Picture” category.

Early Life-

The real name of Affleck was Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt. He was born on the 15th of August in 1972 in Berkeley, California. His mother was a school teacher and his father was a playwright who did a variety of jobs for a living.

When Ben was 3 years old, the whole family moved to Falmouth. After that, they permanently shifted to Cambridge. And after a few more years his parents were separated.

Personal Life-

It has listened that Ben linked with several big Hollywood actresses. But he came into the spotlight after his famous date with popular singer Jenifer Lopez in 2002. They became overnight popular and the whole media house always followed them. Ben has not used this spotlight. They planned to pull out of the relationship due to the huge media attention.

And in 2005, Ben Affleck married Jenifer Garner. The couple has 3 children. But they announce divorce in 2015 and the case was settled in 2018.


Ben Affleck was found of doing several charitable works. He was with several charitable initiatives like Paralyzed Veterans of America, Eastern Congo, Feeding America, and A-T Children’s Project.

Timelines Of ben Affleck and jlo relationship-

Let’s go through memory lane. And try to find out about the meetup, love, dating, break up time travel. And now they are getting back together with a fresh new start. Here is a complete relationship journey of Jennifer lópez ben affleck.

2001 – December

In December 2001 the upcoming superhit stars met on the set of the movie “Gigil”. The movie is a romantic comedy released in 2003. However, the movie does make a mark at the box office, but the sparks flew between two rising superstars.

In fact, Jennifer was in her second marriage relationship with Criss Judd. J.Lo and Ben went publicly after the divorce from Jeniffer’s previous one.

2002- “Jenny from the Block”

It is an iconic music video featuring Bennifer. Affleck was in a white tank and J.Lo in a hot-pink bikini when they were on a boat to sunbathe. The video went public and it became a tongue-in-cheek reference.

2002 – November – Engagement

In an interview with Diane Sawyer shared the delighted and waiting for news. She showed her fans the custom pink diamond engagement ring that Affleck gave her. She also added that she got the most magnificent thing, she had ever seen. The 6.1-carat pink diamond ring from Harry Winston cost almost $2.5million. And J.Lo praises Ben as “brilliantly smart, loving, charming, and affectionate”. She admired him every day.

2003 – Co-Star in Another Movie

In 2003 Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez starred the movie “Jersy Girl”. J.Lo was the dead wife of Ben in the movie. The movie also starred Liv Tyler. However, the film is not hit the box office properly grossing nearly $36 million.

2003 – September – postpone weeding

On the penultimate day of their wedding in Santa Barbara, California, ben Affleck and jlo decided to postpone their marriage program. And both make a joint press release-

“Due to the excessive media attention surrounding our wedding, we have decided to postpone the date,”. “When we found ourselves seriously contemplating hiring three separate ‘decoy brides‘ at three different locations, we realized that something was awry. We began to feel that the spirit of what should have been the happiest day of our lives could be compromised. We felt what should have been a joyful and sacred day could be spoiled for us, our families, and our friends.”

2004 – January – Bennifer Breakup

After the postponement of the wedding ceremony, Beniffer was also broken up. The couple made a separate statement about their break up in less than 3 months.

Jennifer stated in a press release and said that she ended her relationship with Ben. And want privacy at this tough time.

Moreover, Ben also confirmed the break-up news with a press release. And also added that it was not from his side.

2004 – June – J.Lo Move On

In June 2004 Jennifer married her long-time friend singer and songwriter Marc Anthony. They were blessed with twins daughter Emme Muniz and Son Max Muniz in the year 2008. However, they separated in 2014.

2005 – Ben affleck Married

After Jennifer’s marriage, Ben moved on soon. He engaged with Jennifer Garner. In 2005, they married. They became the new Hollywood couple. They were blessed with three children throughout their relationship. Daughter Violet and Seraphina Affleck and son Samuel Affleck were the three children. However, they also ended up their relationship in 2018.

2021 – April – Bennifer Came together

In the last couple of years, ben affleck jennifer lopez became quite friendly. In a recent interview, Ben praises Jennifer and said she had great talent and she did very hard work for her successful career.

On April, 30 multiple reports claim that Ben visits Jennifer’s Los Angles home. However, an insider report says that after the separation of J.Lo and Alex Rodriguez and the split of Affleck and Ana de Armas, the big star of Hollywood spotted hanging out.

2021 –  May – Montana Trip

Jennifer lópez ben affleck reportedly traveled to Montana for some private time but were spotted near Big Sky Resort. A private source told that she is spending a great time with Ben and she is very happy about it. The couple spent quiet time together out of town.

Jenifer is in touch with Ben a report suggests. And they are finding such ways to see each other. And they are happy how the time goes on.

2021 – May – Supposed To be Committed

J.Lo flew to Los Angles to meet Ben. Jennifer stayed a couple of days in Los Angles and spent some quality time with Ben. they are in touch after the Montana trip.

A week later, Affleck was found in Lopez’s base house in Miami. It was a tough position for both as they live quite big distances. However, they tried to manage somehow to make all the things work.

2021 – June – Consider The Future

Bennifer started to take their future seriously. They don’t want any casual relationship this time. They want to make it long-last. The pair also tried to work the long-distance relationship. Affleck was in Los Angles while Lopez Stayed in Miami. They will continue this travel schedule to make this long-distance relationship work.

2021 – June – Private Date at Avra Beverly Hills

As per a report Jennifer lópez ben affleck shared a private date at Avra Beverly Hills Estiatorio. Jen was looking beautiful that night. In fact, both are in a great state of mind. However, a source claimed that Ben was always charmed with having Jen on his side.

2021 – July – Family Get Together

Jennifer lópez ben affleck were stated to bond more. Ben’s family attended to Lopez and her children at a family birthday ceremony. Therefore, they brought their children on a trip to Universal Studios.

On the first weekend of July month, Affleck joined Lopez and her children to spend some private time at Hamptons’ house.

2021 – July – Bennifer Moving Soon

Ben and J.Lo spent their free time with each other and enjoyed the present situation. They love, respect, and support one another.

However, the moment finally occurs. On the 52nd birthday of J.Lo, she posted a pic of her and Ben making out. It was regarded as one of the hottest photos ever posted.

2021 – August – Ben Browses Engagement Ring

Affleck was spotted in Tiffany & Co. Jewelry shop at his nearest shopping mall. He was with his son Samuel Affleck and his mother Chris Boldt. It was supposed that he was there for engagement rings.

As they decided to make the relationship long-lasting they more spend time with each other and with one another’s children.

2021 – August – Family Vacation

In this month Jennifer lópez ben affleck both go for a family tour for the performance of Hamilton at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. They continued it at the Magic Castle in Los Angles.

2021 – September – Red Carpet

In September month, Jennifer lópez ben affleck debuted on the red carpet as a couple. At the ceremony, they look very pleasant. Moreover, they shared a kiss at the Venice Film festival 2021 for the premiere of Affleck’s latest starred film “The Last Duel”.

2021 – September –  Met Gala

At 2021, Met Gala evening, the theme was “In America”. The hot couple makes the headlines of the evening. They did a passionate kiss through their mask while standing outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

2022 – February – Valentine’s Day

After the last time aggressive media coverage, Jennifer lópez ben affleck felt more comfortable about their current relationship. On, the 12th of February Jennifer shared a private valentine’s day gift from her boyfriend with her fans.

2022 – April – Engaged For the Second Time

Jennifer lópez ben affleck officially announces their engagement in J.Lo’s newsletter. Jennifer lópez ben affleck are engaged after one year of reuniting. A video featured her new engagement ring which is an emerald-cut pale green diamond.

Moreover, Lopez posted a video clip on Twitter with the caption “Major Announcement”. Fans of both celebrities took the post and congratulated the hi profile celebrity as Bennifer 2.0.

2022 – April – Ben Proposal

Jenifer reveals how Bennifer reunites. She said Ben propose to her while she is in her bathtub.

She said that she was in her favorite place in the world, her bathtub. At that time she came and got on one knee and proposed to her. Lopez also reveals she was out of the world at that time and her eyes are crying and smiling altogether. She can not believe that it was actually happening after long twenty years gap. She was speechless and Ben broke the silence and asked “is that a yes?” Jennifer said, “I said yes of course that’s a yes.”


The iconic couple Jennifer lópez ben affleck reunites for the second time. It is a pleasant thing to enjoy for both celebrities and all over Hollywood fans. Jennifer said at the time of revealing Ben’s proposal that she feels very happy and her eyes are full of tears and her face was smiling. She added that it was the most romantic time she could ever think of. Lopez describes the moment as “just a quiet Saturday night at home, two people promising to always be there for each other.”


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