4 Reasons Going to College is Worth It

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By Sarah Jay

As a young adult in high school, you’re faced with one of the most important decisions of your life: should you go to college or not?

You’ll need to think about the cost, whether you’ll need a student loan, the location, and how to prepare for the application process. It can all seem very daunting.

But, while there are many factors to consider when deciding whether to pursue higher education, Erin Goodnow at Going Ivy will tell you that going to college is worth it.

As the CEO and co-founder of the country’s top college admission counseling group, Erin decided to dedicate her life to helping students get into the college of their dreams.

Here are four reasons why you should go to college, too.

1. Increase Your Earnings

The most common argument for going to college is that it will increase your earning potential – and it’s true.

According to a survey by The Association of Public Land-Grant Universities, college graduates earn around 40% more than their peers who only hold a high-school diploma. The survey also found that, although a college degree is a substantial financial outlay, the vast majority of graduates thought that the cost was worth the payoff.

Because a college degree is like any investment, it requires a substantial outlay upfront. However, the investment pays off in the end.

2. Explore Your Interests

The valuable time spent at college is an opportunity to deepen the knowledge. And explore the interests a student has cultivated during their life.

So, whether you know exactly what you want to study or still want to keep your options open. Choosing a major is a way to discover a subject from many different angles. You’ll take many courses in your major until your education in your chosen field becomes specialized.

As a college student, you’ll be encouraged to dabble and experiment with different subjects in your freshman year until you decide to settle and deepen your knowledge in a specialized topic.

Getting a college education will open your mind, give you new perspectives, and encourage intellectual curiosity.

3. Expand Your Social and Networking Options

Anyone who has graduated from college will tell you that they formed their strongest relationships while they were on campus . And these can be romantic relationships, friendships, or even long-lasting career networking opportunities.

You can choose to widen your circle of connections or deepen a few meaningful ones – either way, college connections are invaluable assets now or later in life.

4. Expand potential earning:

Learning for being financially impartial isn’t the best possibility you may have as a university student; research display that university graduates are much more likely to turn out to be financially strong upon graduation. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics additionally reviews that during 2020. Human beings with a bachelor’s diploma had broadsheet revenue 67% better than people with only an excessive college diploma.

5. Improve Critical Thinking and Communication Skills

College is a period where you develop valuable “soft skills,”. Such as critical or analytical thinking, diplomacy, and being a good communicator or listener.

Because colleges aim to provide the full college experience by encouraging students to grow socially and academically, you will develop these skills while socializing, during extracurricular activities, or in class. These skills are not only useful in your interpersonal relationships; they are also highly prized by employers when you start looking for a job.

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