Ways In Which You Can Add Comfortable Nooks In Your Home

In this fast-paced world, often we long for comfort and ease in any way that we can find it. For the majority of us, this comfort and serenity are found in our humble abodes whether they be small apartments for rent in orlando fl or large mansions. But even in our homes, there are times when so much is going on. Or there is chaos in the house which makes us realize the importance of some kind of a comfortable nook where we can relax and just let our minds be freed from the daily stressors of life.

If you are a person who enjoys reading, then the importance of such a comfortable reading nook can never be undermined. Just imagine: you come back from work and want to indulge in your favorite book. You have two options: either you sit on a sofa, chair. Or bed to read the book or you sit in a comfortable and relaxing nook that is specially designed for this purpose. Which option would you choose? Definitely the latter one!

So how do we go about creating such comfortable nooks in our homes? It doesn’t just comprise choosing a relaxing chair but includes a whole array of elements: the lighting, the seating, the aesthetics, the color combinations, and the overall ambiance of the place.

So let’s discuss some of these ways in which you can create comfortable nooks in your homes.

Add Window Platforms And Corners

One of the easiest and trendiest ways in which you can create a comfortable nook in your home is by adding a platform right next to the window in a room. The main idea is to add large windows so that plenty of sunshine flows through in the area where you wish to relax. Usually, such nook’s windows do not comprise curtains but you may opt for window blinds. The platform itself can be made of wood or can be upholstered for a more comfortable experience.

You can put soft plush cushions on it to give it a cozy appeal. Or keep it as it is for a cleaner and minimalist approach. You can add shelves right next to it which can be used to display decorative elements or can be utilized for storing books. A similar reading nook has been created by Swiss Interior in an apartment where the sitting platform, windows. And decorative shelf all works together with the color combination and lighting to create a minimalist, functional reading nook.


Customize A Reading Chair According To Your Preferences

Another way in which you can create a cozy relaxing area where you can read in peace. And tranquility is to get a sofa or chair that is customized according to your preferences. One idea is to get a chair made that has shelves on the sides for storing books or even a cup holder. You can choose to be painted in a particular color. Or get it upholstered in your favorite fabric and patterns. To complete the ambiance, you can add the right kind of lighting, cushions, wall art. And basically, anything that sets a good and relaxing mood for you.

Choose A Good Lighting

Another important way that you can transform just any sitting area into a calm and cozy nook is to add the right kind of lighting. Lots of natural sunlight coming from huge windows is a good option for the daytime. But at night, you want a dark and calm place with just enough direct light to help you read. Therefore, choose a good lamp for direct and dramatic lighting that illuminates just the chair or sofa while leaving the remaining space dark and dramatic.

Add A Customized Table With The Seating In The Nook

A unique and creative idea to add a customized nook in your bedroom. Or lounge is to have a platform sitting area next to the windows and also install a sleek one. And a sliding table that can transform your reading nook into a writing corner whenever you want. You can take inspiration from the following design by Swiss Interior where this reading corner doubles as a study room with just the sliding of a wood table. The table itself is quite sleek and takes up very little space.

You can even add hidden storage underneath the sitting platform for increased functionality. You can brighten up the space by adding colorful cushions or stick with the neutrals for a more serious outlook. Add different types of wall art and other art pieces to give this nook a  personalized touch according to your preferences. This is a good design option especially for smaller apartments where you might not have space for a separate study room. You can just add this type of corner in the living room or the bedroom.


If you like these styles of home designs and inspirations, you can visit Swiss Interior at https://www.swissinterior.com.sg/. You can see many more home interior photos and get some ideas for your own home. Happy renovating today!

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