Reasons Eco-Friendly Technologies Are Not Common Yet

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By Jaylin

You must be wondering why people don’t use more environmentally friendly technologies. Why consumers do not choose eco-friendly products when they are readily available is a common question. For instance, even if electric automobiles save 30–40% more annually, people still do not purchase them.

If you were wondering the same thing and contemplating what might be the cause of this, you’ve come to the correct place since in this post we’ll explain the causes using research findings.

You’ll discover in the paragraphs that follow why consumers ought to choose environmentally friendly technology and why it is still uncommon. Finally, we will discuss what businesses may do to popularise these technologies.

Why should you go for eco-friendly technology in the first place?

We believe you know the answer to the question already. Eco-friendly technology is good for the environment. This covers innovations that use non-harmful materials and are somewhat biodegradable. All the major companies are trying their best to show they are the most eco-friendly technology company.

The prime example of this is Apple’s move not to include chargers in the box. This was to be an eco-friendly move which most of the users did not welcome. The company was trolled on the internet. Many competitors saw this as an opportunity and advertised with a disclaimer that their charger is included. 

However, the businesses that mocked this campaign began acting similarly. Apple’s sales did not decline, and now people think it was a wise decision. Currently, a lot of businesses do not include a charger, regardless of how pricey the phone is. You must have realized the need for eco-friendly technology after hearing this example. So use this list of gadgets which will surely be adopted by everyone soon. 

Why is eco-friendly technology not common yet? 

People’s misconception that environmentally friendly technology won’t work well is the fundamental reason why it is still uncommon. We’ll give you an example once again to make it simpler for you to understand.

For instance, despite the availability of paper bags, individuals still use plastic bags because they believe they will shred more easily. People choose not to purchase green crackers despite their availability because they believe they won’t burst like regular crackers. This is obviously not true and they perform better than conventional products. The same is the case with eco-friendly technology. Apple is trying its best to be an eco-friendly company and the popularity of the brand keeps on increasing. So, if you want to be ready for the future then check this list of eco-friendly gadgets

But you cannot deny the fact that whenever the labels “green” or “eco-friendly” are employed, customers believe those things are subpar compared to other products. This is a scientific finding, not something we are asserting or presuming. This needs to change. 


Many people still do not consider it when purchasing technical devices. t is a nice feature that people will value. Technology firms who wish to rise to the top and stay there must develop eco-friendly technologies. But companies make the mistake of over-advertising this feature. 

So instead of emphasizing their eco-friendliness, businesses should describe their performance. It should be a feature, not the focus. 

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