How to Prepare a Successful Investor Presentation

Raising capital to start your company can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the process. However, if you know how to approach investors correctly, you can increase your chances of getting the funding you need.

Here’s how to prepare a successful investor presentation and make your pitch more compelling and memorable.

Include ESG data

When creating your presentation, include environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data. Include information on the suppliers you work with and any charitable causes you’re aware of in which the company is interested.

Today’s investors care about more than just profit. They also want to know the company’s mission and values. Therefore, when assembling ESG data and insights, business owners should utilize ESG software solutions.

Understand what investors are looking for and tailor your presentation accordingly. Use charts, graphs, and infographics to present your ESG data to engage investors. You want to give investors the information they need without overwhelming them.

Create an executive summary

As soon as you have a business plan written in full, you should write an executive summary that you can use to present your business to potential investors. This summary should be a short, sharp snapshot of everything in the complete plan.

The executive summary should contain essential details clearly and concisely presented. You can use the executive summary with your business plan to create slides for your investor presentation.

Explain your opportunity

Explain how the opportunity came to be and why it presents a good investment opportunity for stakeholders. Clearly show what your goals are and how you plan on achieving them.

You should also explain how you’ve arrived at your financial projections and how much funding you require from investors to proceed with the business plan. The financial estimates highlight how much business credit you need for your startup.

Show financial evidence of customer demand

Your presentation should also explain the market for your product or service by highlighting your track record. Explain why existing customers will buy from you and what pain points currently prevent them from doing business with you.

Show investors transactions from target market members and how much profit these transactions generate. If you want to secure a startup company, this information will benefit investors who want to know that there’s a clear business opportunity.

Use visually exciting graphics, fonts, and styles

Keep in mind that impressions matter. Create a graphic with all the details of your business plan for presenting your project to potential investors. Your presentation should include tables and graphs to make it more enticing.

It would help if you used extensive, brightly colored illustrations that are easy to read. Utilize plenty of white space around the slides to be visible from a distance.

Prove you can scale quickly

Investors will want to know that you can scale your business to match its demand. Explain how you’ll use the funds you’re requesting and how quickly they can expect to see returns.

If you need more than one round of funding, explain what investors will get if they choose to invest a second time. You should also discuss how much equity in the company you’re willing to offer in exchange for the funds.

Exhibit customer traction

Show investors that customers are actively using your product or service and that there’s an apparent demand for it. Here, your case will be more valid if you have any awards or recognition from industry experts.

If possible, you should have some user testimonials and case studies to support your claims about customer traction. Showing your customers’ enthusiasm for your product or service may also shower credibility onto the claims you make in your presentation.

Describe your team

Be sure to include a short description of your team and their accomplishments. Have details of what they’ve done up to this point in your venture. Provide information on how you’ve formed this team and explain how they will be able to achieve set goals.

You should list their skills and accomplishments and how they fit into the business plan for achieving your long-term goals.

Parting shot

Whether you’re seeking seed funding or looking for venture capitalists to invest in your company, you’ll need to give a presentation that makes a strong case for your business. These tips prepare you for a successful investor presentation.

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