Polytechnic Is A Viable Option For Becoming Engineer In Quick Time

Most of the students follow a simple pattern in education. They opt for the 10+2+3 or 4 years of formal education before searching for jobs. However, there is one career that can be pursued after the class 10th. Yes, you read it correctly. You can become an engineer without studying the Bachelor of technology degree program. All you have to do is to take admission into the top Polytechnic college in Meerut. You will study the diploma program of three-years in a polytechnic institute and easily become an engineer in your chosen branch.

It is the perfect course for anyone who wants to become engineer quickly. The engineering institutes normally take admission through tough entrance tests. The diploma institutes also admit students through entrance test, however, the level of their entrance test is completely low than the B.Tech level qualifying tests. Therefore, you will have a higher chance of cracking the qualifying exam of the diploma level institutes.

The cost of the three-year diploma program is also quite low compared to the popular B.Tech degree program. The diploma course is heavily inclined towards the practical knowledge. Most of the subjects require spending plenty of time in the labs to get you acquainted with the complex subjects in the diploma program.

The top Polytechnic college in Uttar Pradesh will have a great infrastructure boasting of modern machines for the lab sessions. You will have to give the institutes a personal visit to see the type of machines used by them in the various practical classes. The other important thing to notice is the experience of the teaching staff. They should have experience in either the teaching field or in the private/Govt. sector.

The future prospects of the diploma program are extraordinary. You can easily get a good job after getting your diploma. Many diploma students take admission into the popular bachelor of Technology degree program. Now, here is a fun fact, you don’t have to study four-years to get your B.Tech degree. You can easily get into the second year of the B.Tech program through the lateral-entry mechanism.

It is perfect for the students who are eager to improve their career prospects. We all know the B.Tech degree can get anywhere in the world with its huge potential. Technically, you can be an engineer in six years of study after passing your class 10th. The valuable practical knowledge gained from the diploma program will help you immensely in your B.Tech course in future.

The easy qualifying exams for the diploma program encourage the students to seriously consider diploma as a viable course after class 10th. However, you should aim for the highest i.e. put all your effort to get admission into the top Polytechnic college in Meerut.


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