How GPS Integrated with Equipment Rental Management System?

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Equipment theft and equipment theft protection has become a matter of great concern. The simple solution is buying a GPS tracking device. This hardware with integrated with rental equipment management software is definitely not a short term purchase expenditure. Heavy equipment rental software is especially important in North American and Canadian high construction activity areas.

Equipment GPS Tracking: A Business Necessity

It’s no surprise that the construction industry is growing rapidly within Canada and the United States. However, one of the worst setbacks to this industry is the rampantly, uncheckable heavy equipment theft. Construction assets of movable equipment are notably expensive. It becomes very difficult to replace them if not adequately protected with financial safety coverage. Insurance has been around a long time but claims fall short of value and use up weeks or months of downtime. Project delays are a direct financial loss mainly due to inflation. Even though rental equipment management software has eased the construction equipment woes, theft threats continue to be of concern.

Construction businesses simply cannot afford heavy losses due to this threat. Many go under and have to declare bankruptcy. Construction equipment is omnipresent and is expensive to replace in active areas. The demand for Construction equipment tracking is being felt like never before. This is where innovative IT technology brings in advanced GPS tracking technology to monitor heavy equipment assets. As a result, today’s GPS is playing a central role in monitoring as well as protecting from theft threats. GPS hardware integrated with equipment management system solves two problems – stops theft and lowers insurance costs.

Implementing Efficiency of Rental Equipment Management Software

This has actually become an added incentive for construction businesses turning towards installing GPS tracking technology onto heavy equipment. Naturally, insurers are pleased to note companies taking that extra care in protecting equipment against theft. Insurers’ risks are lowered resulting reduced premiums for their customers. Taking this important step and setting up an integrated GPS device is a great addition to equipment inventory system too. Installations can be simple and quick as well as unobtrusive. Heavy equipment assets can be wirelessly monitored 24/7/365. When anyone breaches authorization, it generate alerts allowing fleet managers to swing into action without losing time.

Purchasing and installing GPS devices may be the smartest move in an increasing theft scenario. However, it is incomplete without pairing with equipment management software for enhanced, state of the art, integration. With so many options of variations and packages, it could become somewhat difficult to choose the right combination for your company. Consider most important factors of price, company size, fleet size, optional features and coverage. Larger companies may need satellite coverage working in remote areas.

Today’s GPS integrated fleet management and telematics solutions not only protect from the losses due to theft but also give plenty of additional streamlining benefits. GPS devices along with integrated software programs become a boon to companies hiring out heavy equipment. Construction companies and contractors experience less of a worrisome burden. This purchase is definitely a long-term return on investments. In addition to heavy equipment rentals, diverse industry like farming, construction and larger fleet companies can benefit from this technology.

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