How to Plan For Your Outdoor Wedding Event?

Average temperatures in Connecticut are around 77°F. It is a time-honored tradition that a wedding reception should be held in a big white tent. One of the main concerns for people who have their weddings indoors is how to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Big tent rentals Connecticut can prevent this from being an issue because you can keep your guests safe from sprays and other harmful chemicals while still using bug zappers around the place to ensure all the pests are gone once and for all.

In addition, when you book with a good tent company, you will feel secure knowing that every guest will enjoy world-class service from your customer service team and a clean venue that looks wonderful thanks to professional setup and takes down courtesy of the staff.

Take a look at some helpful ideas you can utilize when planning your wedding event in Connecticut using tent rentals.


A beautiful white linen tablecloth and matching napkins will make your guests feel like dining in an elegant restaurant. Tall round tables make it simple for everyone to see over the top of their plates and cutlery, and you can even use cake and gift stands as decorations.

Canopy Tents

These enclosed areas create a dreamy, secluded spot perfect for people who want some time alone with their beloved. Lots of room underneath these canopies make it easy to put down comfortable blankets so couples can relax as much as they want without feeling cramped after sitting or laying on each other for long periods.

Cocktail Parties

When you want to make sure your guests are comfortable but don’t want them to get too rowdy, you should plan a cocktail party. You can keep everyone occupied with games like horseshoes or bocce ball and also serve appetizers in addition to drinks for an extra bit of fun.

Dance Floor

The dance floor can be set up by professionals on the side closest to the tables, while the opposite end will be left open for people who need space to move around quickly when they aren’t taking their turn on the dance floor.


You must work with caterers who have provided services for this kind of event before so they know how much food and drink everyone needs. This will ensure that you get the most for your money and that people are not waiting too long to be served or leaving with an unfinished plate of food in their hands.

Wedding Planners

Wedding planners in Connecticut have lots of experience with this sort of thing, so they can plan out all the details to make sure everything flows smoothly on the big day. Since they know where everything is supposed to go, there won’t be any instances where guests accidentally trip over cords or move things around when they aren’t supposed to.

Wrapping Up

Working with companies specializing in tent rentals in Connecticut isn’t difficult, thanks to the excellent customer service reps who work every day to help you find exactly what you need, no matter how simple or complicated it may be. Additionally, tent weddings offer the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor weddings. They will also help ensure that adverse weather conditions do not impact your wedding.

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