How to plan an extraordinary Asian Wedding Venue in Bedfordshire

One of the most auspicious occasions for an engaged couple is when they decide to get married and strengthen their relationship. Marriage is a sacred bond in which the man and woman confess their love for each other and promise to live to their lives in peace and harmony. On the wedding day, the couple is surrounded by their family and friends who celebrate the occasion in a beautiful and splendid venue.

There are many young men and women who dream about their wedding and make a list of things which they will include in the wedding to make it look spectacular. The engaged couple also makes a list of thing which helps them to plan and organize their wedding. The list includes the attire the couple will wear, the venue, the theme of the wedding, the decorations, number of guests to invite, type of food, and entertainment which will make the event memorable. Religious traditions are an essential part of the wedding event along with the cultural practices which have been followed for quite some time

One of the most extravagant weddings are Asian wedding ceremonies and there are full of energy, passion, color, and style. The most common Asian weddings in Britain are Muslim, Sikh and Hindu weddings. There are many differences in the three weddings but overall the event is filled with rich taste in the decorations of the venue, food, and music. The modern Asian weddings have tried to blend certain western touches to the occasion to make the event look more unique and spectacular.

From sourcing, the venue, blending your religious and cultural values, and aligning a proper menu for the wedding can be a time consuming and overwhelming for an Asian wedding. The wedding is a one-time event for many young Asian couples and they want to celebrate the occasion in style. There are some important tips which newly engaged couples should keep in mind when planning for Asian Wedding Venue in Bedfordshire. The things to consider for an intimate Asian wedding include

  • The bride and groom should know about their timeline. The best thing is to list the thing according to priority and knowing which task is flexible.
  • Before the couple jumps in to book the venue, they must make the list of family or friends who will be invited to the wedding ceremony.
  • Choosing a distinctive and stylish theme for the wedding. The theme should reflect the personality and choice of the bride and the groom. The venue should be decorated according to the theme and musicians and dancers should also be invited to perform on the occasion.
  • The venue of the wedding really sets the tone and the couple should visit several venues and pick the one venue which would ideally suit the wedding theme and be comfortable for the guests. The couple should know the number of guests and their budget constraints when selecting a venue.
  • Proper entertainment system should be present because the music just lights up the occasion and many of the family and friends love to dance on upbeat songs and rejoice themselves.
  • Include some sort of surprise for the event which excites the guests. The couple can set a dancing competition with one group from the bride’s side and one group from the groom’s side.
  • Ensure that the decoration of the venue and food selection showcases the religious and cultural traditions of the couple. The bride and groom should choose a caterer who can cook delicious cuisine which the guests remember for a long time.
  • The Asian wedding features many religious practices so make sure that the pre-wedding events go smoothly and ideally build the occasion for the big wedding day.
  • Apart from selecting the best quality of food, special attention should be given to drinks and desserts which will be served to guests. Nowadays a cake is a necessary item for most Asian weddings.
  • If the venue is an open affair, then do include a little bit of fireworks display which can add certain touch and complete the wedding event.

Some of the best Asian Wedding Venue in Bedfordshire includes The Auction House, Wrest Park House, The Rufus Center, and Luton Hoo Walled Garden

  • The Auction house is one of the most popular and outstanding wedding venues which can host 70 to 700 guests. The main suite can be divided into two rooms and provide excellent space to host a wedding. The venue is lavishly designed with Italian marble floors, enchanting Chinese wallpaper, and crystal lighting. The interior space exudes style, sophistication, and elegance. The venue can also be customized according to the wedding theme chosen by the bride and the groom. There is also an in house team who can ensure that all the wedding requirements are met and also provide valuable tips to make your event memorable and special. There are modern kitchens where quality food can easily be prepared
  • The Wrest Park mansion is a historic place and ideal location if the couple wants to add an elegant touch to their wedding. There are six big rooms and an orangery which will surely amaze the guests. There are ample interior and exterior space available to plan the wedding event and doing the ceremony, serving food and a little bit of celebratory dance.
  • The Rufus Center is the best venue as it can easily be customized to suit the taste and budget of the marrying couple. They offer amazing decoration packages and can easily entertain 200 or more guests. There is a lush green garden which has ample space to bring in food and drinks and guest can also be served barbeque.
  • The Luton Hoo Walled Garden is an exclusive wedding venue which is nestled among the 18th century Walled Garden. The lawn is filled with colorful flowers and the interior is beautifully styled with lights and also features a dance floor, disco lights and a stage with microphones.

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