Let’s Understand the Tooth Cavity Treatment!

A cavity can be defined as a hole in the tooth after decay in some area of the tooth. This cavity contains the bacteria that has been left unchecked and the decay continues to spread until it damages the tooth. So, during the filling processes, the dentists clean the decay inside the cavities and this is done usually with the help of the drill before the filling process begins. If you focus on removing the decay, it will prevent further damage but it will not necessarily fix the damage towards the tooth which has already occurred. This is the place where the filling comes in. All you need to do is check out the most appropriate process for yourself. Choose the dental experts that provide you with the major processes like the kinetic cavity preparation as well.

Let’s check out the cavity filling procedure!

How do the dental experts insert them- This is one of the first things that a dentist will do. First of all, they will numb the tooth that is decayed and this tooth will be treated afterward. The local anesthetic dosage is injected in the area to make it numb from pain. Once the dental expert has confirmed that you are numb, they will use the dental drill to get rid of the decay on the tooth right from the roots. After the dentist is done with the removal process, they will place the filling in that place. There are specific methods that are used for the insertion of the filling that you need. If there is any type of emergency, the amalgam fillings or the composite resin is used.

Let’s check how each type of filling process works –

  • Composite Resin is one of the most common ones. It is easier to place this filling than the composite resin filling process than get your dental implants in Woodbridge, but the thing is that they don’t look as natural as they are. It is the one that can replicate the color of the teeth very easily. It is durable and can last up to 15 years and with better oral hygiene that you ever had before. Whenever the dental experts initially insert the composite form, it is usually in the paste form. Composites are usually placed in the layers to eventually fill up the cavity. It is done to fill up the cavity completely. In this way the process of composite resin filling takes place.
  • Amalgam filling process is a mixture of numerous metals including the tin, silver, mercury and so on. These are the fillings that are most appropriately looked like the metallic dental filling process. These are also less expensive and lasts longer. It is easier to place this filling than the composite resin filling process, but the thing is that they don’t look as natural as they are. Under this process, the dental experts ready the amalgam and use the mixing machine before placing it out to the cavity. With this, the dentist ensures that there are no air pockets in the tooth. Then the dental expert carves it into the shape and makes sure that the bite of the tooth is proper and functioning well. The amalgam process is the one that helps in restoring the tooth function and protects the tooth against any further damage.

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