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The car today has become much more than need. Numerous studies have shown that most drivers think of their vehicle as “best friend.” And quite often, even more than friends – they consider it a family member. Why?

You will agree that the car is the ultimate status symbol of today. Besides, it represents a mobile version of the living room, which can easily reach 150 km / h, with music, heating, air conditioning, etc. There’s a comfortable “armchair” for the driver, other “armchair” for your passenger in the front, and comfy “couch” in the back.

Regarding the car-driver relationship, we can freely say it function as a real friendship. If your four-wheeler doesn’t break often, gives you a safe and comfortable ride, doesn’t leave you on the road, and doesn’t require too much maintenance – it’s clear why you have feelings for it.
The fact that male drivers are more related to their car is quite unusual. They have memories with their vehicle, remembering various events, as well as the numerous adventures they experienced together. For women, it’s more like a fashion accessory, than a friend. On this page, read some fun and proven facts about female drivers.

If you are a fan of outdoor activities and enjoy a moderate dose of adrenaline, you’ll need a “friend” who is able to follow you. And besides, to be with you in everyday life. Used pickup trucks are an excellent choice for such things. It represents a combination of the off-road and passenger vehicles, with extra cargo space. Literally, everything you need in a single vehicle.

It’s Safer than a Car

safer car

On a global level, sales of pickup trucks have increased significantly over the last few years. A couple of decades ago, they were mostly used for the transport of goods and for driving on the country fields. The models you are seeing on the streets today are more attractive, more functional, and more reliable than their predecessors.

Want to know more of the history of pickup trucks? Visit the webpage: https://www.popsci.com/pickup-truck-history-timeline.
The safety of the vehicle is the first thing to consider when you are thinking of buying a pickup. Today, it is one of the most represented family vehicles and conscientious drivers always keep in mind the safety of themselves, but also of their passengers and other traffic participants.

Generally, car makers are increasingly investing in the safety and reliability of their vehicles. The first thing that distinguishes a pickup truck and limo or van is its size. Thanks to the strengthened bodyshell, but also the power of the engine, these vehicles reduce the risk of injuries if there is a collision or car accident. Newer models have a variety of security systems, but also use things like rear camera and air-bags.

Going Off Road

People who enjoy outdoor hobbies are eager to spend every free moment in nature. With a pickup truck like Sierra 1500 for example, you won’t think of weather conditions, whether the road is covered or not, and how much weight you carry. You’re safe even if your car overturns while mountain climbing or driving through the forest.

Long trips are something you can always have with this vehicle. For activities like fishing or hunting, the pickup truck is equipped with wheels that perfectly go through the muddy, wet or and rocky terrains. The cab of the vehicle is raised from the axle; it allows the driver to have better visibility, which can be useful for off-road drives and city jams too.

Excellent Fuel Economy

Excellent Fuel Economy

Economic driving is not significant only because of money savings, but also because of the decreased environmental pollution. New, alternative fuel types that slowly replace diesel and petrol make vehicles able to use more energy by their combustion. Automatically, it means less exhaust gases and less contaminated air, water, and soil.

Maybe it looks strange to you, but when we take a look at the correlation in performance and fuel consumption, the pickup truck is a fuel-efficient vehicle. The selection of fuels is broad, so the vehicle manufacturers are working on reducing its consumption to some reasonable limits. Inform here about the importance of fuel efficiency for all of us.

New models of pickup trucks certainly fit into the current fuel consumption standards, and have spacious tanks, so you don’t have to worry about the fuel while being somewhere outside. Of course, there are also newer cars that will expend the whole tank “in a second,” and that depends mostly on your driving style, vehicle load, engine correctness, etc.

Multifunctional Vehicle

Multifunctional Vehicle

A pickup truck is a vehicle that you can use for everything. And literally, for every transport activity. From housework, business trip and going to the office, driving children to school, or visiting ranches and going to nature for hobbies. Whether you have to go to work in the morning, and to help friends with moving in the evening, your pickup truck can do it all. It will still look nice.
Do not let the word “truck” fool you; this vehicle just looks like one of them. Today, a modern pickup truck has a solid aesthetic, and the vehicle’s equipment goes from basic to luxury. You have complete commodity while driving, but also, a cargo space in the back is very functional and multipurpose.

If large cargo space is not enough for your needs, your pickup truck has plenty of strength to tow heavy travel or cargo trailer. Read here about different types of pickups based on the load they can carry. This feature will especially suit those who enjoy being in nature for a while but having all the comfort of living space – a bed, shower, kitchen table. Literally, a pickup truck can be your house on wheels.

Regular vehicle maintenance is required, which may at first seem as high expense. But when you think that your pickup can serve you for decades, be aware that you couldn’t make a better choice at this time. A pickup truck is “all-in-one” vehicle, prepared for both business and adventure in no time.

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