Types of Outdoor Heaters You Can Choose for Your Restaurant

Many restaurants offer outdoor seating for a vibrant atmosphere and to increase their space utilization throughout the year. However, the winter chill can drive away potential customers when you don’t have the ideal outdoor heater installed.

When you’re in the market for an efficient outdoor heater that can work to provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere for your customers, you may not know about the variety of heaters available for your requirements. Choose an ideal unit like the Bromic Heater for your restaurant based on functionality and design.

Portable Outdoor Heaters

You can find portable outdoor heaters that can be moved to where your customers are sitting. There are large outdoor heaters to provide heating for a large area as well.

Portable heaters have wheels attached to move them around. They come in a wide range of colors and designs, although you may want to consider a neutral color that can match the restaurant’s changing décor throughout the year.

Tabletop Heating Devices

These outdoor heaters are ideal when you want to save floor space in your restaurant’s outdoor area but still want to provide direct heat to your customers.

They are compact and perfect for areas where people will only sit down and eat. However, they end up taking a bit of the tablespace, which can become an issue if a customer orders plenty of food or if your restaurant tables are small.

Wall or Ceiling Mounted Outdoor Heaters

Wall and ceiling-mounted outdoor heaters are the ideal choices when you don’t want your restaurant ground space to be cluttered with portable heaters, and you want to provide a clean and simple outdoor seating area.

They are also less vulnerable to wind and rain as the structure of your restaurant building protects them. It gives consistent heat precisely where it is required. With heaters, like the Bromic heater, you might find greater efficiency and design desirable as it is inconspicuous against your restaurant walls.

Fire Pits

If you have an expansive outdoor area, getting multiple fire pit patio heaters can be optimal, and it can give a rustic and warm atmosphere to your space. All you need is some kindling to keep it continually going.

It isn’t an ideal solution if your restaurant is busy or running low on human resources as they require constant monitoring and refilling to keep going for a long time.

Different Fuel Options

Depending on how often you would require your outdoor heaters to work, you might have to consider the benefits and disadvantages of using different fuel sources for your heater. You can find outdoor heaters that run on gas, propane, natural kindling, and electricity.

Electric and gas heaters are the most efficient in terms of price and usability. The type of heater you want to install in your outdoor space can also bear what type of fuel can be used.

Getting an efficient and visually appealing outdoor heater doesn’t just enable your customers to stay warm during cold weather. It can also ensure that you’re opening earlier and staying open till late, even during winters.

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