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By Lucia Adams

Among the visa seekers for developed countries and especially for the USA there are various categories that can prove helpful to them in presenting their file for the visa to the embassy. The countries of the world also have created various categories as per which they issue the visa to the concerned applicants after checking their background and application with supporting documents. Among the top categories of visa, the EB-5 from the USA is much popular among businessmen.

It may be stated to be one of the choices amid a lot of preferences available to immigrants to access an EB -5 investment visa. It is preferred with the purpose to acquire legal status to dwell and continue work within the United States. This sort of visa is necessary for foreign investors who are involved in business activities in the U.S. With the intention to achieve this EB-5 visa; it is essential for the investors to put in money either $ 500,000 or an amount of $ 1,000,000. It shall depend upon site – into an enterprise within the U.S. and carry on that enterprise as a minimum of two years to produce, or it is necessary to keep at least ten jobs.

Because the EB-5 visa will require investing a significant portion of your money, it shall allow the investor, his spouse, eligible children to adopt a rapid, extremely effective way to attain citizenship. Also, take advantage of the chances which are materialized by the U.S. dream. This type of EB-5 visa has turned out to be popular from several years. The U.S. government asserts to have issued in the last two years just about ten thousand EB-5 U.S.A. visa every year. However, some investors have entered the U.S. from China, and such investors scattered all over the world have taken advantage of the benefits associated with this visa type. For these investors who aspire to reside and work in the U.S., the EB-5 investment visa entails numerous benefits.

Advantages of the EB-5 visa

In relation to some immigrants who desire to move to the United States, abiding by the rules and regulations of the legal immigration process will consume a lot of time. The EB-5 visa contains a lot of benefits for migrants like:

Legitimate status in the U.S.

It is quite evident that it may be the chief aim of the foreign investors to apply for the EB-5 visa. As the investors apply for this kind of visa, it facilitates them, their spouses, their children a lawful course to dwell, keep on working, and study in the country. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain EB- 5 investment US green card so that to thrive in the United States.

Speedy approach to acquire lasting residence and citizenship

In a lot of cases, the EB-5 visa can make possible the way to lasting residence rapidly as compared to other sorts of visas as well as different green cards. The preliminary conditions pertaining to this type of visa can be eliminated only after two years.

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