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Facebook is a platform that can help you produce an extremely high marketing ROI. But to utilize the true power of Facebook, you need to market your business successfully on Facebook. It is possible when you understand Facebook’s unique opportunities and how it is different from other social media platforms.
In the beginning, people used Facebook just as a platform to chat and have fun, but now the businesses have realized that it can take help them build their brand. But make sure you advertise carefully on Facebook. Don’t be a seller who sells tries to sell aggressively as the customers do not like this. And it can have an adverse effect on your Facebook likes.

Facebook advertising tools, 2019:

You are still using traditional marketing techniques to promote your products; then it is the high time to switch. Social media marketing is the need of the time, and every business irrespective of its size must utilize it. Facebook adverts have become popular in recent times, but Facebook ads managing tools are tricky things to use. Change in the Facebook algorithm makes it a tough job for businesses to advertise on Facebook.
With a large number of diverse users using Facebook ads manager tools are key to turn users into the clients. Some of the Facebook advertising tools are given below to let the businesses make it easy to use and ultimately generate leads.

Growth OK:

It is quite hectic to reach out to the designers, copywriters, and experts. What if you don’t have to sweat about anything and you have all the experts working under the same roof. GrowthOK is not just an ads tool. It is a team of experts to give you helping hands. It helps you make the ad completely from scratch, and the best part is that the team of professionals will do this for you. With Growth OK, you can work the best possible version of your ad.

Hoot suite Ads:

Hoot suite ads is a social media management platform for all your social media channels. It is an ads management tool as well that helps you make an ad even in a few seconds. It has a built-in scanner that picks the text, photo, and size of the ad. Guess what the best part is? It can turn your boring ads into a compelling one, and you don’t have to do anything.

Ad Espresso:

You can’t generate leads by creating just one ad. You need to create multiple ads so that you can target the audience and get the desired results. Ad Espresso is a simple and straightforward Facebook advertising tool that provides many ad variants. It enables you to test and optimize ads. You can test variants of your Facebook ads depending on your target audience. It allows you to check which ads are generating the best results. Ad Espresso has another interesting feature, “automatic post promotion.” This feature helps you promote your latest posts automatically. It means you can save your time using Ad Espresso.


Qwaya is a complex tool that helps the businesses working with the people in a team simultaneously on the same ad. It is one of the best tools to create a compelling Facebook advertising campaign. It is for the middle to the higher experienced user, so if you are a beginner, then it might be not your tool.


Reveal is another Facebook advertising tool that helps you automate your Facebook ads campaign. It allows you to automate your Facebook ads campaign using different rules such as:
• Increase/decrease budget
• Set bid actions
• Pause
• Start
With Reveal you can do the following things to boost your post:
• Define parameters
• See ads sets
• Set conditions
• Activate the rules
It is high time for businesses to understand the importance of social media in promoting products and services. No matter you use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, just make sure you get the most out of your marketing campaign. The success of social media depends on how effectively you are using a platform. You may make mistakes in the beginning but never lose hope. You can hire a Facebook ads agency to create a compelling marketing campaign for you too.

One tip that might help you be successful in the Facebook advertisement is that you should spend your budget carefully. Keep checking the ads sets you have created to know which ad is performing well and which is not generating results. Optimize the ads that are not doing well.

That’s not all:

You need to target the right audience in order to boost sales on Facebook. Your ads must be in front of the users who are actually interested. Give them a solution to their problems in your ads rather than selling your products aggressively. When you completely understand the Facebook algorithm and how to target the audience, then no one will stop your business from becoming successful.1

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