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Several lively locations like coastlines, beaches, swift waters in India offer adventure water sports like sailing, boating, river rafting, scuba diving, kayaking, waterboarding, snorkeling, parasailing, water skiing, etc. So, if you too want to beat the seasonal heat, head to the golden summery beaches of Goa, Kerala, Chennai, or the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

To explore underwaters and enjoy the experience completely, you need to shop for mandatory accessories and ensure your safety. Order life-saving gadgets or gear and use Decathlon coupons to redeem up to 60% savings on clearance purchases with free shipping on all orders.

Water-based recreational activities sound thrilling, but it is important to exercise caution. Using the following equipment to avoid disasters or accidents at your next water escapade:


Individual floatation devices are the most important safety accessories for water sports. Whether it is foam-based, inflatable, or throwable choose a lifejacket that is not too loose or tight in order to inflate correctly and save the person from drowning.

Another device that enables you to stay afloat is the ring-shaped lifebuoy. It is frequently availed to save people who may fall overboard while rafting or canoeing or used to quickly save a drowning person.

First aid kits

To get primary respite from wounds, a first aid kit needs to be properly stocked with basic medication. In case of severe injuries, it can provide temporary relief until the person receives medical assistance. Use Flipkart Axis bank credit card to claim 10% off on the first aid kit.

Along with antibiotics and bandages, always carry equipment to sustain water sports-related injuries and a repair kit including adhesives, scissors, and other restoration tools to mend leaks, cracks, replace parts, and malfunctioning accessories.


Familiarize yourself with directions or use GPS, marked route maps, a compass to minimize errors and avoid the risk of unfortunate incidents. Use a steering light to identify the cruiser and prevent a collision.

A diving torch provides light and is useful to see better, especially during night dives. Similarly, a scuba light attached to your tank determines your position and helps others to locate you.


In order to effectively communicate with a group using radio out in the open sea is the best option. You can get in touch with the control center to get assistance or know others’ whereabouts in difficult situations.

Pyrotechnics, distress signals, or personal locators like a beacon or flare help gain attention in times of an emergency. You can also use an air horn to emit audio signals or a signal-sounding device to alert people about the danger in the vicinity.

Dry storage

Always carry an extra pair of clothes, gloves, spare ropes, and batteries in a waterproof backpack. It also ensures your valuables are safe and organized properly. Additionally, use an impermeable phone case to protect your device. Get up to 50% off on Decathlon waterproof packets and windproof sailing jackets.

Likewise, synthetic or resin-coated acrylic fabric acts as a barrier for outer and inner surfaces. Such dry bags protect belongings from water splashing, getting immersed in water and are considered ideal for activities like kayaking and paddling.

Protective clothing

Defensive clothing protects the body from acquainting any hazardous substance whereas aqua shoes shield feet from sharp rocks and keep them warm. You can also get wetsuits for specific activities like underwater diving, sailing, swimming, rescue operations, etc.

Wear shields like googles and guards to safeguard eyes from injuries, earplugs, or ear protectors while surfing, or try a full-face protective cover like an EasyBreath® anti-fogging mask to breathe naturally and see underwater.

Safety gear

High safety standard helmets are designed ergonomically to ensure the safety of adventurers who indulge in skiing and kayaking activities. Secure head to prevent injuries, concussion, or fatal brain damage.

A lightweight, abrasion-free harness allowing free movement on boats or decks must be securely tied to avoid a person falling overboard. Additionally, use safety gloves with proper grip to enjoy sports longer. Get a 1 or 2 days free delivery on safety gear using Amazon Prime membership.

Inflatable accessories

To ensure you have maximum fun during water sports, get deflated accessories that keep you from drowning, are affordable, and can easily fit into your luggage. Get an inflatable stand-up paddleboard, water trampoline/slide, banana boat to add excitement to adventurous activities.

Floatation or buoyancy bags stop kayak or canoe from sinking and can keep the boat riding high over rocks, thereby preventing it from swamping.

Cool gadgets

Photography lovers can get water-resistant lenses, sports action cameras to capture exotic underwater species. Don’t forget to assess meteorological conditions before any adventurous activity using a weather gauge that updates climatic situations and expected changes in weather.

The buoyancy control device (BCD), mostly used by scuba divers, helps to breathe-in less air so as to conserve energy for deeper dives. Professional athletes also use a dive computer to track and improve dive timings.

Skincare essentials

Apply facial cleansers to remove dirt, use sunscreen to protect skin from sunburn, and seal skin moisture using a lotion. To protect strands from harsh water, you can use hair defense lotions prior to your activity.

Likewise, you can use a chlorine removal spray to neutralize chlorine bonds that form a layer on skin and hair and prevent harmful side effects. It is therefore advised to take a shower before and after water sports explorations.

In addition to safety gear and must-have accessories for water sports, remember basic health tips to maintain strength, stamina, optimal hydration, and evade any harm throughout your activity. Shop for essential gear from Decathlon, Amazon, and Flipkart to get affordable products or use coupons, discount vouchers, promotional codes to claim savings on all online purchases.

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