Why Morocco Is a Men’s Place Where You find Creativity

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Morocco, a place of must visit and aligns in the top 20 countries to stay in your lifetime for Morocco excursions and enjoyment according to Virikson Morocco. Well, it’s a great thing that we already spotted how wonderful a place it is for Men travelers, entrepreneurial spirits, and creative souls and are holding our Wild Men Do Sanctuary there in December 2017.

Speaking to another person last week in London before departure to morocco, who’s spent many years there, owned two Riads and now running a new travel agency, he described Morocco as “a Men’s place”, which I’ve described before.

Possibly it’s the entrance path to design, fashion, creativity, nature (with water, desert, palm trees and mountains), hammam spa-rituals, and natural beauty products. Perhaps it’s the chance to let your imagination stroll in the sunshine of morocco with beautiful historical buildings where all this rewarded by the God on such ancient land. With Virikson Morocco I deserve to experience the best Morocco holidays of my life at the end of 2017.

It could be the great Sufi music, the craft, the storytelling food, inspired romantic fables, the food, the inquiring chats, the strong sense of communication between family and community, where Westerners & non-Muslims are welcome all the time from the core of their hearts. Whatever it is, this North African land really has a charming pull to Men (and women). I couldn’t have known when I picked to host our first departure there, how much this country could teach me about life, love, creativity, wellness and business.

North African land

It’s reminded me to go at a slower pace, to take time to write, also the need to relax under the shades of green palm-trees, to wander, to embrace new sights, to rest, to explore spicy dish tastes, and sounds that explode my senses politely. As important to the business growth, as sitting at the laptop.

Watching the creative artisans, snake charmers, makers, stall vendors and entrepreneurs at work daily, poems, stories, new retreat, inspired creative ideas, and coaching programs, new book ideas, and designs.

It’s familiarized me to new resourceful friendships that feel strong from the very beginnings, joined by a love of a place, and a self-governing streak that comes alive when you select to live in a remote land.
When we select to stretch our imaginations and beliefs and also step into a new culture, so we can appreciate more what we have, don’t have, whether at home or overseas.

luxury morocco holidays

For that, I’m thankful for the opportunity to travel in luxury morocco holidays to such a pleasing land like Morocco, and look forward to many more holidays and long-stays to come.

It’s awakened the need to come for spending and enjoying holidays again from an authentic, wild man, soul-centered, entrenched place of knowing and strength, and needs to support other people to do the same.

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