Why you should hire Funktion-One speakers for your next event

If you are planning an event and you’re looking to hire a sound system then you need to look at hiring the best equipment available. A poor sound system can ruin your event and also ruin your chances of being asked to run the next event too.

Make an impression with the best speakers available to hire and look at renting Funktion-One speakers for your next event. If you’ve never heard of this brand before then you are missing out, Funktion-One can help take your next event to the next level.

What is Funktion-One?

Funktion-One was established just over 20 years ago by innovative designers Tony Andrews and John Newsham. Over the last two decades, Funktion-One has become an industry leader in the invention and manufacture of superior sound systems and professional loudspeaker systems. The name Funktion-One is now renowned the world over and is synonymous with quality sound production.

Funktion-One sound systems have been used at some of the most famous clubs and events all over the world. When people want top-notch sound they invest in Funktion-One equipment. The world famous Berghain club in Berlin uses Funktion-One speakers and they have also featured at Glastonbury; the biggest music festival in the UK.

When professional event organisers are looking for loudspeaker systems, they go to Funktion-One and if you are organising an event then you should follow in their footsteps and also turn to these industry leaders to provide speakers for your event.

Why do you need Funktion-One speakers?

No matter what size or style of event you are planning, Funktion-One can help you to get the most out of your sound system. Whether you are thinking about a garden party or a full-sized festival, Funktion-One have a sound system solution which will suit your location and your crowd perfectly.

Funktion-One have built up their reputation on supplying loudspeakers which deliver excellent, clear quality sound. With bass that you can feel through the soles of your feet and clarity which helps you catch every pitch perfect note, Funktion-One speakers deliver the most superior sound performance that you will find from any other sound system you could hire.

The range of products from Funktion-One include small format products, perfect for parties and medium sized events, to stage wedges and extreme bass application. The full selection of products is available to hire for single events and one-off shows, to more permanent installations at clubs and bars. No matter what your event, Funktion-One have a sound solution to suit it. You can also buy second hand Funktion-One equipment if once you have hired the speakers, you want to own your own in preparation for your next function.

Choosing the right speakers for your event

Choosing the right brand of speakers for your event is the first step you need to take, but with such a variety of sound system speakers to choose from, you also need to ensure that you hire the right model of Funktion-One speaker. Speaking directly to sound system suppliers about your event and giving them details such as the size of the event, the location of the event and the type of event you are holding will enable a good supplier to help you select speakers which will provide you with high quality sound performance without overwhelming your audience.

Funktion-One have built up an impressive world-wide reputation for offering high performance and high-quality sound systems. Take advantage of their extensive range of loudspeakers to find the perfect match for your event and listen to your guests rave about how good the music was at your event for years to come.

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