5 Memorial Ideas for Deceased Loved Ones

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By Sarah Jay

Here’s the truth about losing a loved one: grief never completely goes away.

That may be discouraging to hear, but it’s important to remember that grief is only a sign that someone or something was meaningful to you. There’s nothing wrong with grieving, nor is there a timeline you should feel pressured to follow.

Even if grief will linger for years to come, there are ways to cope with your grief and give it meaning.

If you’re looking for ways to remember loved ones, try one of these memorial ideas.

Look to Nature

One way to keep the memory of loved ones alive is to memorialize them in nature.

A memorial garden in their name is one soothing way to honor them, especially if you have a green thumb. But if not, you can also try personalizing a memorial bird feeder or purchasing a park bench in their honor.

Then, in your nature spot of choice, try adding memorial quotes and other symbols that remind you of your loved ones.

Celebrate Their Birthday

Remembering a loved one doesn’t always have to be sad. You can turn your memories of them into a celebration.

Try celebrating their birthday each year, choosing their favorite birthday cake, and decorating a space with their favorite colors. Even if they’re not there to participate in the fun, they will be there in spirit.

Give Their Ashes a Home

If you have your loved one’s ashes, give them an intentional home to help you remember them.

Choose commemorate urns that you can display on a special table or shelf in your home. There, you can create a shrine for your loved one with photos and other items.

You can also buy jewelry for ashes, even having your loved one’s ashes turned into a diamond.

Donate to Charity in Their Name

If your loved one cared about a cause like animal rights or education, donate to a charity in their name.

You can choose to donate monthly or yearly, depending on the organization and your budget. Either way, your loved one would surely appreciate it.

Write to Them 

For times when you’d prefer to grieve and process your loss on your own, writing to your loved one can be a therapeutic activity.

If there were things you wish you could tell your loved one or life updates you wish they could see, try writing to them and imagining what they’d say back.

Start with one letter at first. But if you find that writing to your loved one is soothing for you, consider starting a regular journal for your loved one, where you can regularly “communicate” with them.

Memorial Ideas for Your Loved One

Grief is extremely challenging, but it can also be a reminder of how important your loved one was to you.

Channel your grief and appreciation into one of these memorial ideas to help you honor your loved one both now and in the future.

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