Maxwell Drever Explains Why The Problem Of Affordable Housing Touches Everyone’s Life

People around the world require an affordable house. Many times home buyers face difficulty purchasing affordable living at budget-friendly prices. Individuals with the cost of high-priced houses get burdened, as they are paying a substantial part of the income on house expenses. You can consider a place reasonable if it consumes less than 30% of the household income.

The Dilemma of Unaffordable Housing

Lack of affordable housing is a familiar issue impacting individuals in every region. Such an issue significantly impacts the environment by minimizing diversity among people. Inadequacy of such houses also affects high-income individuals in various ways. People with low income per month suffer from inadequate funds for medical expenses

The prices of affordable workforce housing lead communities to spend a vast portion of their income on housing. Inadequacy of affordable shelter leads to medical issues causing the economy to suffer. Such a problem arises due to low productivity among individuals with poor health. Here are a few grounds for inadequate affordable housing.

Inadequate Supply of Workforce Houses

One of the major concerns of the lack of affordable workforce housing is the inadequate supply to meet the increasing demand for such homes. Hence, with insufficient financial support, companies establishing houses cannot increase production as per the requirement of low-income earners. According to Maxwell Dreverthe considerable shortfall of rental homes must be made available to the working class.


Under such circumstances, shifting the demand for such houses is essential to meet the supply. Most families cannot afford houses at market prices because of a lack of equal distribution of wealth. A vast majority of middle-class individuals are sinking, leading the upper-class households to get richer. 

With the current production rate, an inadequate supply of rental units cannot meet the unending demand of the same. To minimize the need for affordable housing, it is essential to regulate the distribution of wealth and income to lower-class individuals, such as those that afford a house at high prices.

The barriers of Land-use

The regulation also brings inadequate affordable housing on land use. Such barriers leave house renters in utter destruction while navigating the local landscape. Incidental shortages created by the government determined by such rules on land, making it impossible for housebuilders to access workforce housing.


A vast majority of individuals suffer due to the struggle for affordable housing. The government must play a crucial role by removing the barriers to land and allowing individuals to build affordable structures. Some employees must be allowed to change jobs, making it affordable for living in. According to Maxwell Drever, the upper and middle-class people must arrange a living for the employees, encouraging them to live in groups.


Lack of affordable housing is a considerable challenge faced by many people across the globe. Yet, the efforts of the local community to address the issue of developing rental units will play a critical role. They must also aim to minimize the gap between various income groups and provide substantial funds to low-income renters to afford a house at pocket-friendly prices.

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