Marcus Debaise Elucidates How Cloud Solutions Could Benefit Your Business amid the Corona Crisis

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Cisco forecasts that 94 percent of the majority of workloads would be managed by cloud solutions by 2021; the corona crisis is just accelerating the process. When the COVID-19 pandemic has created havoc on businesses, your company cannot stay complacent, says Marcus Debaise.  When you embrace cloud technologies, you make your business prepared with the digital tools to brave the corona crisis and its impact on your company.

Though many companies are shifting their activities online, not all of them are prepared with the digital infrastructure for taking their business to the next level. That is why you need cloud solutions for your business amid the pandemic. Here is why:

Marcus Debaise is concerned about cyberattacks

Security threats have always been a threat to online businesses in the US and the world. Then, the problem is aggravated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on the findings of McKinsey, the number of people working from their homes and the excess pressured experienced by some businesses have led to increased chances of security breaches after the pandemic resulted in global lockdown.

That is why you need cloud-based security solutions to help your business protect confidential customer data. When you have your security operations on the cloud platform, it boosts your company’s digital strength with the majority of security platforms leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to identify and eliminate threats in actual time.

Sharing of documents

At these troubled times, your business cannot afford to lose essential business documents in never-ending email chains. Marcus Debaise is an entrepreneur and so knows difficult it is to retrieve documents from endless email conversations. That is why you need to switch to cloud-based document sharing applications to ensure no document is mislaid. Document sharing ensures that authorized employees view the key parts of the content easily as well as available to them without digging for information for several hours.

Amid the pandemic, working from home has its challenges but important. Fortunately, document-sharing apps have come in handy amid the corona crisis with Dropbox incorporating most of its features with applications such as Zoom for flawless teamwork. Whether it is Google Docs or Dropbox, these applications make it simpler to manage your business documents effectively without the fear of losing them in an influx of emails.

Cloud solutions make working from home possible

With the COVID-19 pandemic making businesses shut down temporarily, 74 percent of companies are planning to reduce the number of staff working in the office even when the epidemic will subside. Working remotely is the new normal, implying companies are now prepared to manage employees outside the offices. Though working from home is a bit problematic initially, people will get used to it eventually. There are benefits of working remotely both for the business and employees.

The employees can save much of their time in commute and conveyance expenses when working remotely. It will improve productivity. Businesses too will benefit because with most of the employees working from home, the company can save on monthly office rent, which is a huge amount to bear.


Now that you know about the benefits of cloud computing amid the pandemic, embrace the new normal. It will help your business save costs, ensure cybersecurity, and boost productivity.

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