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By Lucia Adams

An absolute necessity for any man, something that he’d never dare leave behind. An accessory and a status symbol all at once. It works as a grand tool for accessorizing your everyday-wear. This tool may look small but it may be a major game changer for you. Go for contrasting colours and you’re sure to be an eye-catcher all the way. Kerry Parker just launched a range of luxury mens wallets that are sure to catch your attention. After all, when it comes to wallets we don’t settle for anything less than perfect.

We always want ‘more’ of everything we have. And of course, we should. What’s wrong in wanting more? Similarly, men want their fashion needs to be enriched and taken a notch higher. A vegan wallet comes to rescue here. It makes a man look chivalrous and elegant.

So, for men who wants more fun, definition, style and a touch of finesse, the collection of luxury mens wallets by Kerry Parker comes to the rescue. So, we all care for animals, right? Don’t worry, Kerry Parker is one of the first fully vegan brands of the world. If you are specifically looking for a vegan wallet (as you should) then Kerry Parker is your one stop.

Kerry Parker has some outstanding pieces in different hues enveloped with a classy touch. The patterns in which their wallets are designed make you feel highly distinguishable. These wallets can be your absolute power statement and your luxury friend.

The latest luxury mens wallets collection of Kerry Parker will leave you mesmerized and enthralled. Let’s take a look at some-

  1. Camouflage Basic


Camouflage Basic
If you love standing out, being different than the rest, then Camouflage Basic vegan wallet is made for you. This pattern has always been a fascination​ in the world of fashion and accessories. You can easily adore the ease and functionality of this tactical pattern. It easily showcases the allegiance and honour. We all know how important making bold fashion statement is and this camo wallet acts as the perfect accessory for a bold and outward statement.

  1. Wilderness



Animal prints have always generated fans. These prints are the rage of the fashion industry and this wallet sings the songs of style and versatility.  It garners attention. Leopard prints are a classic flavour and still rule the game.

  1. Crocodile (Patent Ivory)


Crocodile (Patent Ivory)There’s always something simple and easy about white. It keeps all things elegant. Addition of this can easily turn your palette of colours into a sophisticated and regal half. A dose of white in your accessories can immediately make you feel opulent. Definitely, you can’t miss a piece of such luxury and boldness at the same time, can you?

  1. Classic Black


classic black

We all are obsessed with the classic Black shade. Remember this quote by Wednesday Addams “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker colour.”  This shade of black

has an undeniable power, a feeling of uniqueness and adaptability. Kerry Parker has made this wallet look rebellious yet with an epitome of elegance and chic.  The wallet has been given an undeniable and distinguishable x-factor.  This one works with every pair of clothing you have adorned, making it a safe purchase yet an old-school classy one.

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