How to Make your Living Room Warm and Kid-Friendly

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A homeowner who has kids can easily say that a living room is the heart of their home and family. It is the only place where the whole family sits together, spend some quality time, have their discussions, share their joy and sorrows. Because it is one of the most used spaces of the house, it is easily the messiest too. Especially when you have small kids, you will often find your living room filled with their toys, colors, books, and much more.

As homeowners and as parents, it can be very difficult to manage both of these things perfectly. On the one hand, we want our kids to enjoy their childhood, make memories, explore themselves, and just relish their time at home. And on the other hand, we also want our home to look perfectly clean, tidy, and organized. So how do we do both things with perfection?

It is very important to design your living area in such a way that you feel secure and safe with your kids are roaming around there. A kid-friendly living room will help your kids to play freely whereas a system that allows you to organize your home will help you feel content about your home.

Following are some ways through which people can make their living area warm, comfortable, and children-friendly:

1. Storage space:

The most required thing in a home full of kids is storage space. Children, especially small ones, hardly know the meaning of being organized. All they know and care about is playing with whatever is in front of them, be it their toys, gadgets, or some home or kitchen accessories. So it is important to place things at a proper place with a proper system. Creating space for storage in your living area is not as difficult a job as you think it is. Half of your problem is solved if there is a storage space for every purpose. A newspaper or magazine stand, a bookshelf, a drawer set for your kid’s toys are some examples you will find useful in your living area. You can also try some cute do-it-yourself ideas with your little ones as well.

2. Cozy furniture:

Furniture is an important part of a living area as this is the only area where the whole family sits together and spend time with each other. The furniture you place should be comfortable and practical. You can prefer to have round tables and curved counters in order to avoid accidents. You can even add small and cute chairs for your kids to sit comfortably. The sofa that you choose should also be cozy and comfortable; one where you can take a peaceful nap and where your kids can also bounce playfully. A Chesterfield sofa is the best option; they are super comfortable and also look amazing in any kind of living area. You can visit to know more about choosing the best-quality Chesterfield sofa.

3. Family frames:

A living area is the best choice to display your children’s creativity proudly. Ask your children to make some beautiful drawings and get them framed beautifully to display them on the walls of your living room. You can also get your family pictures framed and display them on a special counter just for pictures. These frames will definitely give a positive, familiar, and warm vibe in your living area.

4. Safety measures:

One thing which should never be ignored with small children is safety. You should start with tables that have sharp edges; you can place silicon pads on those edges in order to prevent accidents. Covering plugs and wires is also very important because you never know what and when a kid likes to experiment. If you have any counters or shelves that are not attached to the wall, it is now time to attach them. You should also have a good smoke detector and a fire extinguisher at home in case of emergencies.

5. A beautiful rug:

A rug with vibrant colors looks beautiful when placed in the living area. It not only looks elegant and grand but is also very convenient for the children to play. I know the idea seems insane; it seems impossible to maintain a beautiful and expensive rug with small kids running around the house, throwing food and crayons in their hands. But it is possible if you buy a kid-approved rug which is completely washable. So it will not be such a difficult job to keep clean.

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