Look Amazing on The Beach—Top 5 Fashion Hacks

If the only reason why you’re excited that spring finally arrived is the fact that it’s followed by summer—you’re not alone! Summer is the single best thing that happens to humanity, especially to us who desperately need a vacation and plan on spending all of it right on the beach. But, if you want to feel your best self, you also have to look amazing while catching the sun, sipping on a cocktail and enjoying the ocean. Here are a few fashion hacks that will help you look like a million bucks.

Find your dream bathing suit style

Your bathing suit is the single most important part of your beach look. However, if you don’t match your bathing suit with your body type, your outfit can be a disaster. For instance, if you’re blessed with a bigger bust, a halter-style bikini top with underwires will give you the right support and allow you to feel confident and relaxed. A smaller bust, on the other hand, asks for a top with bows, ruffles or any other embellishment that will create an illusion of fullness. If your tummy gives you troubles, opt for a tankini and combine it with a stylish pair of boy shorts if you have wider hips.

Watch out for colors

When it comes to the color of your beach look, remember that pastels look great on pale skin, while bold, bright and vibrant ones accompany tanned or dark skin perfectly. Girls with medium skin are truly lucky because they will look amazing in any color from bright to earthy and metallic.


Accessorize like a boss

Think of your beach outfit as any other outfit and make sure to accessorize. But, there are a few different rules to follow. First, if you choose to wear jewelry, opt for something minimalistic—you don’t want awkward tan lines from your bulky necklace. The key to good accessorizing at the beach is practicality: a beautiful bag will look amazing yet come in very handy for your beach necessities. Also, consider grabbing a pair of trendy sandals that will not only make your outfit more coherent but also protect your feet from the scorching sand! A sarong is another great beach accessory that will enhance your look and make you feel more comfortable. However, make sure to wrap up properly. If you’re big in the hips, tie your sarong little above your waist, but if you have the athletic build, place the knot right on your hips to look curvier.

Protect your body

If you want to keep looking fresh, healthy and flawless, make sure to take good care of your skin. During the summer, a big part of your body is exposed to the harmful sun rays, so always wear sunscreen of at least 15 SPF when you’re leaving the house. Apply it every two hours, more often if you’re swimming or breaking a sweat. A wide-brim hat can also help in protecting the most exposed and tender parts of your skin like your face, chest and shoulders. Plus, don’t forget about your eyes. A pair of UV protection sunglasses will not only make you look super cool and chic at the beach but also keep your vision intact.

Nail your posture

The best beach accessory is often confidence. So, make sure to keep your back straight, shoulders back and your head high. Even if you feel a tad bit uncomfortable, as longs as you act confident, that’s how people will see you! And as you get used to faking it, you’ll really start feeling confident soon.

The beach is a magical place that’s perfect for relaxation and enjoyment. So, if you usually enjoy visiting the ocean, once you adopt these style hacks and look yourself in the mirror, you’ll love the beach even more!

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