Four Awful Content Marketing Mistakes Your Audience Can’t Stand

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There are many ways in which a corporation can grab the attention of the audience. However, one of the most popular and productive kinds of marketing is content marketing. Business owners around the world create compelling content related to their niche as an attempt to generate leads and bring potential customers to their business.

Content marketing is the establishment of the long-standing relationship of your organization with the customers. Content is not just about providing valuable information and tools to the audience; it is about providing your potential customers with a reason to trust your business. It is a way to establish a strong brand identity for your business that can lead to meaningful conversions with the right clients.

However, merely deciding to produce content does not guarantee productive results for the business. It needs a strong foundation and a strategy to ensure success. Therefore, it is imperative for a business owner to understand the common mistakes that could keep your business from generating successful results and reaching your goals.

It is true to say that awareness is the first step to avoidance; it means to make your content marketing successful, you need to follow the proven practices to make sure you stand out in the competition and outshine your competitors. So here are four of the most common mistakes and issues that you need to avoid while planning your content marketing strategy.

Inconsistent Content Sharing and Posting

Consistency is the key to any successful marketing strategy and having content that is consistent on all marketing platform can build the trust of the audience in your brand. In order to get a proper response of the audience, you need to establish clear expectations from the beginning to the end and follow them consistently to make an impact on your potential customers.

It is a fact that your readers need consistency when you release articles or other types of content every few days. However, if you start bombarding your readers and followers with daily content, without providing them a reason for the increase in frequency, the engagement number of your site will gradually decrease. Similarly, if you stop posting regular content, it will become challenging to overcome the engagement rate and readership you once had.

Being inconsistent with your content marketing is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in marketing your business. With the passing time, your audience will expect more content that is relevant and solves their problems and helps them move forward with their buyer’s journey.

But the question is how you can decide how frequently you need to post the content?

Well, there is no definite answer to that. However, how frequently should you post the content is secondary. Initially, you need to focus on how consistent you are with the flow that you have established, especially if your subscribers have become frequent readers of the content that you publish.

In order to avoid losing track of your content, you must plan ahead. You can make a content calendar and with scheduled posts and dates at least a month or two months prior — set deadlines for development of ideas, content creation, editing, and publishing.

Producing Only Written Content

When talking about content people usually think blogs, or articles. Where these are an integral part of content marketing strategy, there are various form of content marketing strategies that can benefit your business with the best results.

The audience requires diverse content strategies that can influence them to do business with your company. This includes having compelling visuals, infographics, and videos that can grab the attention of the viewers. Even the written content should consist of images and visuals to engage and inform the audience. Even a small change in the content can get more attention and have a massive effect on how the content marketing strategy may perform.

Other than just infographics and different marketing strategies, you can also post user-generated content such as testimonials, videos, and reviews at your website. These types of content can increase the credibility of your business and help you establish a two-way conversation with the audience.

Publishing Content with Low Value

Value is important to capture the reader’s attention. Focusing too much on how the business benefit from the content is one of the biggest mistakes you can make while developing your content marketing strategy. It is no lie that the end goal of any business is to bring value to the company; however, it is also important to provide content to the audience that can cater their problems and grab their attention.

In order to provide value to the audience, you need to have a deep understanding of the problems of your audience. If you can tackle those problems, you can easily get the attention of the audience. Provide your readers with a reason to read your content.

Providing Less Attention to the Headlines

Where most people would agree on the importance of having a catchy phrase as a headline, most marketers often overlook the value of selecting an attention-grabbing heading for a landing page or a sales letter. It is no lie to say that a webpage, blog or an article is not as important for the success of the business as a sales-focused page, but without a catchy headline, even a masterpiece content will not be able to reach its ultimate goal.

Ideally, your content must contain headlines that are compelling enough to persuade your client to click at your website link. This is essential because the internet is filled with loud and competitive content competing to get the attention of the audience.

However, this is not the only purpose why headlines play a significant role in content marketing. According to some leading research, it can be said that the people who share they do not actually read most content that is being shared online. Majority of them share the content based on headlines alone.

Learning to write an attention-grabbing headline is a skill that not everyone has mastered. It needs consistent practice and knowledge to write in various styles. Think about it; if you produce an outstanding headline along with quality content to set the curiosity that you have set up, your content marketing strategy will pay off according to your expectations. For example, having a Wikipedia page for your business but not having suitable headlines can have an effect on your reputation. What’s worse than that, your Wikipedia page can end up being deleted. This is one of the reasons why renowned business benefit from Wikipedia writing service to create a Wikipedia page for their business.


Content marketing can be tricky for business as there are many trends that you have to follow to make a mark on the audience. As you begin to create new and compelling content to generate traffic, your audience and readership will grow, you’ll attract more followers and creating new content will become easier. Implement SEO, backlinks and smart sharing to overcome the common mistakes in content marketing.

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