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Funeral houses, aided living facilities, campsites along with other special purpose qualities represent probably the most difficult commercial loan situations which are faced by an entrepreneur. Unique qualities aren’t easily understood by traditional loan companies, so the most typical solution involves getting a non-traditional loan provider for funeral home financing in addition to commercial financing for other special purpose qualities. Such non-traditional loan companies are going to be right for purchase situations in addition to refinancing and new construction.


(1) Obviously special purpose qualities aren’t much like other commercial qualities. This will make many loan companies uncomfortable because of the likely impossibility of finding another owner for any unique commercial property if it is necessary because of financing default.

(2) For funeral houses and lots of other special purpose commercial qualities, the majority of the business value is symbolized by non-property assets. With traditional commercial loan companies that concentrate on real estate financial loans, it’s almost unattainable financing in line with the property value and also the business value. For instance, it’s not uncommon to possess a situation where the property for any funeral house is worth under a million dollars as the overall business value is more than three million dollars.

(3) Because commercial financing is really hard to request special purpose qualities for example funeral houses, aided living facilities and campsites, retailers of these qualities are usually prepared to provide substantial seller financing to help the customer in obtaining the company. However, many traditional loan companies don’t recognize or accept seller financing as a way of reducing lower payment needs for special purpose qualities.

(4) Many loan companies simply don’t realize the company difficulties connected having a special purpose property. Consequently, it’s not uncommon of these loan companies to connect burdensome and costly needs for example strategic business plans and environment reviews.Generally such loan companies don’t even need to make the company loan and can use undesirable loan needs as a way of showing up to approve financing much more realization they have did not approve the borrowed funds with the addition of commercial loans that they don’t expect an industrial customer to simply accept.


For any business customer facing the problem referred to above, the greatest priority ought to be to choose a non-traditional commercial loan provider that participates in the next commercial loan practices:

  1. Freely welcomes special purpose qualities and routinely finances such qualities.
  2. Provides commercial financing for the business and property.
  3. Accepts substantial seller financing.
  4. Doesn’t add special needs towards the business loan for special purpose commercial qualities.
  5. Has past making financial loans for that specific kind of property in mind.
  6. Can hold both big and small commercial financial loans for special purpose commercial qualities (for instance, financial loans no more than $100,000 and financial loans as huge as $5 million or greater).

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