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Our life consists of two things one is celebration and other is happiness. These two can be inevitably increased with some sweet tweaks in our life. With that I mean cakes play a really important part in our lifes. The real taste with some pinch of sweetness is what life taste. So, to increase some happiness and a little sweetness in your life, order cakes online. Here is the list of some of the best online cakes in Delhi.

• Let’s bake love

Yes the name in itself speaks a lot. Their main ingredient is love while baking some cakes. This bakery was set up by a teenager and is quite ingredient because they are delivering good products and cakes. Red velvet cake is the best ones. So, go and place your order as soon as possible.

• Desert fox

This is one of the best places to order cake online in Delhi. The exotic flavor with some seasonal fruit is cherry on the cake. If you are worrying about your first dinner date or even for a sweet little desert for your child then here is the solution to your problems. In this place you will find varieties and quality. Their beautiful cakes include Hazelnut Dome, Season’s Best Philadelphia. So, do visit their website and find some great cakes.

• Theobroma

These cakes are melt-in-mouth cakes and they deliver signature brownies to your doorstep. The best one to have here is simple fruit flavored cake or their ultra chocolaty cakes. The cakes aren’t too expensive and are of great quality. Your most of the cravings can be solved by the delicious Brownies, Dense Chocolate Loaf, and Orange Juice Cake. It is quite perfect for Birthdays. Do pay a visit to this site.

• Red moon bakery

The place is best for all type of customized cakes, and many even go to them to get their wedding cakes made. Being one of the best places for online cake delivery. This bakery makes the softest cakes you’ll ever have, and the flavors are quite unique. Their service is on time with a quick delivery. The best you can order here is Simply Vanilla Cake, Fresh Fruit Cake. It is perfect for Special Occasions, Celebrations. Do pay a visit to this special bakery.

• L’Opera

This beautiful place makes some awesome cakes and desserts that are quite delicious and famous for their flavors. They make these beautiful mousse cakes that win the hearts of customers every time. This bakery uses classic French techniques of baking, so its quite unique from other bakeries. It is perfect for special occasions. You can have the best of Opera Cake, Millie Feuille Cake. These are some of the best on the lists. Make sure to visit this place.

• Bakingo

It is a quite familiar and famous name. One of the best places for ordering cake online. It is best due to its quality. All your classic cakes are found here. If you are a fan of the cakes that aren’t very fancy, you can visit Bakingo’s website. Even if you want something more customized you can go with the customized feature. but photo cakes are quite popular. Mid-night delivery are the best part of this bakery. Make sure you visit their cool website. They are best known for Chocolate Cakes, Minion’s Despicable Delight and are perfect for Birthdays and different occasions.

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