From Interview to You – How Beacon Resources Sets Up Interviews

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Beacon Resources has one of the most extensive candidate interviewing and screening processes in Orange County, relying on significant expertise and accounting in the financial services and accounting sector to identify, attract, screen, and select candidates who do more than fit the criteria set out by clients. Candidates selected by Beacon Resources are only the best of the best, guaranteed by a pre-selection process prior to client presentation.

Extensive Pre-Screening

Prior to meeting with any candidate, each jobseeker is screened against client criteria to weed out the unqualified, the overqualified, and those who lack that special something that makes them rise above the rest. Out of all recruiters in Orange County, Beacon Resources takes the deepest pride in a pre-screening process that eliminates unsuitable candidates and focuses only on those best suited for the client’s environment and corporate culture.

Candidate Pre-Selection

Once a suitable pool of talent has been screened from all applicants and the candidate database, Beacon Resource’s professionals leverage their years of industry expertise to make insightful, quality selections from the candidate list. Client criteria play heavily into this stage of the process, using Beacon Resources’ deep relationship with and understanding of client needs to match the right candidates for the job. At this point qualified candidates are selected for a pre-interview with Beacon staff, ensuring that only the top candidates pass this stage of consideration.

The Best Candidates Delivered to You

By the time your list of hand-selected candidates reaches you, they’ve passed the gamut of strict quality-based screening tailored specifically to your candidate profiles. When working with recruiters in Los Angeles, you want professionals capable of surpassing your expectations by not only finding the best candidates, but taking the work out of candidate screening. Beacon Resources makes the choice easy by making the choice for you, and leaving you with only the A-listers who made the cut. Find your personalized candidate selection options by reaching out today.

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